About 70% of my showers come from a little red bucket. 

That’s no joke. A few months ago, I was happily jamming to my favorite tunes whilst taking long and luxuriously hot showers in the comfort of a too-expensive apartment in Denver, Colorado. 

Now, I travel and live in my trusty van “Rhino”. When I stop overnight in the city, I have to take covert showers in the back, crouched behind black curtains drawn over the windows. 

At first, it was a difficult change to make. I often miss hot water, and the feeling of stepping out of a shower and into the steam-filled bathroom. I miss being able to stand up when I bathe (though, showering in the woods is easily one of the best parts of this life—maybe a post for another time). I miss not having to worry about how much water I use. 

But, this post isn’t about what I miss. In fact, I prefer to live this way. I prefer to shower this way. Not only am I absolutely sure I get much cleaner (I have to put more focus into the mechanics), but I’m helping the environment by using only what is necessary. Most importantly, I’ve discovered the difference between what I need and what I want, and it’s helping me become a more grounded person in myself

Not everybody will agree, but I find the city life stifling. I see all these walls dividing members of the community from nature, from the breath of the outside world, and from each other. I see comfort swallow people whole and make them forget how wasteful a comfortable life can be. I see people working jobs they hate for the money they need, just to live in a box. And I see those boxes as places to stay so that people can keep going to work and making money and paying for their box. 

Not for me, man. Not for me. 

I had to swallow a lot of dignity to make this trip, and I suffer that every day. But, I’m learning how to let it go. I’m free in a way that others may never get to understand. I get to smell the fresh air, venture out into nature whenever I please, and visit all the places I’ve ever wanted to go. I get to share my adventure with all of you!

The only downside is having to squat naked in the back of a van sometimes. 

… That’s a pretty good trade for me. 

– R.

The travel life is freaking sweet! If you’d like to see more stuff like this, head on over to my Facebook page — @roninwritingofficial  

Thanks for reading!


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