Let’s get intellectual this morning. 

I’m talking ’bout pants. 

Pants are the best sometimes, you know? A good friend, a warm hug, and an invitation to relax. A tough denim, a good hike, and a challenge to finish the mountain. 

In my travels, I’ve noticed there’s a great power in pants. When I spend my days in sweatpants, I have a tendency to accomplish so little. The whole day feels feels like morning, and I am content to lounge and browse the Web at leisure. These are the days I forget about the papers, the blog posts, the scene-writing sessions, the schoolwork, the bills. 

I have learned that I can hack my silly meat-bag body and weird noodle-brain pretty easily. There’s some awesome science to back it up. I know that if I take off my sweatpants and put on some khakis or a good set of jeans, I’m doing things for the day. 

I feel like I might as well accomplish things, right? I already changed and all…

If you want to be a working writer (or any other kind of “work from home” worker), you have to treat it like a real job. You have to put in the hours, every single day, and keep on going. You have to finish things. Even if you think they suck. You have to push through when it feels like the words aren’t coming out. 

They will. (We’ll talk more on the warm-up another time.) You just have to be able to push through the sluggish parts. Fix it in post. 

If you wanna treat it like a real job, then dress like it’s a real job. Tell your brain that you’re the boss, put on a good pair of pants, and go kick some ass. I think you’ll find that—while you’ll be way more busy—you’ll also be way more fulfilled. You’ll be taking steps to accomplish your goals by making a concerted effort, and your brain will reward you with brain shocks, or electric candy or whatever. 

I’m not a neuroscientist. 

But I do wear pants. And I am a work-from-home writer. And I know that when I wear adult pants, I get adult things done. (Also, no one is saying your pants can’t be fun too.)

Imagine you accomplish your goal. You live your dream life, and you receive your career’s most prestigious award. People cheer at your name. He hold up the trophy for best damn whatever-you-do in the world. 

What pants are you wearing in that daydream?

What pants are you wearing now?

– R.

Ronin is a traveler with no particular destination in mind. He lives in his van and he writes about things every day. (Because if he doesn’t, he’ll hate himself.) 

Visit Ronin on Facebook and look out for more social media accounts as time goes on. Special treats on Fridays. 

Teach peace. 


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