Follow-up Friday: 29 September 2017

I know I always say this: but what a crazy week! I put up the first part of my original story Hellions, I announced my NaNoWriMo project (more on that in the coming days!), I talked focus on Writer Wednesday, and I dropped the new video onto YouTube. And I managed to do ALL OF … Continue reading Follow-up Friday: 29 September 2017


Today’s Office, 25 September 2017

Today’s office. 25 September 2017.  Breakfast of champions right here! I’m posting up Today’s Office a little earlier than usual. Today, after some quick work in the morning, I’m going to go do something fun! I just... don’t know what that is. (I plan work way better than fun.) If you haven’t gotten the chance, … Continue reading Today’s Office, 25 September 2017