Follow-up Friday: 1 Sep 2017

Well, it’s been a wild week. This week was the first week of the blog, and it was a whole lot of fun. Certainly, it was more challenging than I thought to maintain a professional-level blog. It was also challenging to remind myself “it’s professional-level, even if it doesn’t have professional-level views”.

Not easy to do when you’re a terribly efficient self-critic. 

But I pressed on! I used that energy to write and record “Kill Your Boss”, a slam about self-criticism and personal freedom. You can find it on Youtube, right here.

I also managed to juggle school and the novel (currently dubbed: “Project: Swordsman”), and got a whole lot done with those as well! So, that’s pretty exciting for me! And, I still got to travel around and see a lot of Oregon, which has been a welcoming and beautiful state so far.

Thank you guys so much for your support, your likes, and your encouragement. I plan to continue producing quality content for you. Not just because I love doing it, but because the world is full of wonderful people and I want to share with them all!

I’m off for the weekend to relax, get some good reading done, and prepare content for the next week. I’ll see you all again on Monday!

Much love!

– R. 

Ronin is a traveling writer, and acts like a responsible professional sometimes. You can follow him on WordPress, Tumblr, and Facebook for written content every week day. Follow him on Youtube for video content every Friday!

Like, comment, and share! It helps a little blogger feel big!

Teach peace. 


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