When I was younger, I wanted to be an astronaut. I loved the idea of floating around in an empty void, investigating far-flung worlds and stars. Peering into the great mysteries of life, of our planet, and of the very Universe itself. Back then, I didn’t really understand what being an astronaut really meant.

Just as there is cold, empty nothing between celestial bodies, so I find the same to be true with people. We’re all just floating through empty space, orbiting each other. Sometimes we collide. But, mostly, we just pass one another in silence. 

We’re surrounded by other people all the time. In the park, while we drive, while we eat. We often live so close to others that we can hear their televisions or conversations through thin walls. But how many of the people around you do you know? How many of them do you speak with?

How many of them do you care about?

Perhaps you don’t need to. Perhaps the nature of the Universe does not require community. Despite the connection of all things, communication seems mostly unimportant on the cosmological scale, doesn’t it?


The tiny particles that make you up are communicating with the Earth below you, and the air around you. Your presence informs the environment. Your body heats the air, your breath feeds vegetation. The energy you use is put into actions that shape your space.

All things do this, always. There is always communication between you and everything else. You are always talking to the Universe, and it is always talking back. Even if you don’t know it.

I feel like an astronaut, watching all these unique bodies and stars swim around each other. I’m collecting radio waves and solar winds, drifting through the vast expanse of human life in my fragile ship. There’s such power in what I see.

Power, buzzing and chirping and moving, that makes up the space between us all. Suddenly, it feels like the space isn’t quite as empty as I thought. 

– R. 

Ronin is a traveling writer, and sometimes he gets up too early and writes about philosophical things. Check him out on Tumblr, WordPress, and Facebook for more musings. Check out his Youtube channel for video content every Friday. 

Tomorrow is Feature Friday!! That means “Crash and Recede” airs on Youtube! Check out the teaser trailer here!

Teach peace. 


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