Nothing is more important than patterns. Not life, not love, not death. (These are the biggest patterns of all.)

Patterns are the underlying structure of our reality. They inform everything—from molecular to cosmic and back again. The firing synapses of our brains, the collapse of stars, and the way we tie our shoelaces… all things are made of patterns.

So, it’s safe to say that harnessing patterns can be powerful. If we can learn to utilize the very same powers that govern the movement of planetary bodies, perhaps we can move some “planetary bodies” in our own lives.

Set patterns. Successful patterns. Flexible patterns.

Understand what you want to do, research how to accomplish that goal, and create patterns to help you achieve success. If you want to run a marathon, pattern a run routine. If you want to get a degree, pattern a study regiment. Pattern a diet, pattern a positive outlook, pattern a better sleep schedule.

Most importantly: follow through. Patterns are only powerful if they channel repetition and familiarity. When you identify the pattern, do not let yourself fall out of that pattern. Pursue it with every single part of you, and don’t provide yourself any slack.

Patterns can be your greatest weapon. They can also be your biggest weakness.

What patterns in your life are present that shouldn’t be? What do you do every day—perhaps without even realizing it—that is directly responsible for something you don’t like about your life or yourself?

Those negative patterns in your life can only have a grip on you if you allow them to continue.

I encourage you to find what patterns hold you back, and I challenge you to break those patterns just once. Once—that’s all. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to create drastic change by breaking a pattern. Imagine the destruction Jupiter could cause if it jumped from its orbit even one time. It’d be pretty catastrophic to the delicate balance of our solar system. Nothing would be the same ever again.

You’ll be shocked to find how much power over your life you have. Our patterns—the patterns we allow control over us—define our lives. But, patterns are just things. Sure, they’re powerful. Sure, they get stronger with every repetition. But, like every other thing in life, they’re only as powerful as we allow them to be. There is no pattern you can’t break. There is no pattern you can’t make.

We are the pattern-makers. We are the pattern-breakers. That’s what got us here, and that is what has kept our species at the top.

You are powerful. Believe it.

– R.

Ronin sets patterns all the time. He eats the same thing for breakfast every day. He also writes every day! You can find his musings on Tumblr, WordPress, and Facebook. Video content comes out every Friday, and it can be found on his Youtube channel.

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Teach peace.


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