Follow-up Friday: 22 September 2017

What a great week! I spent quite a bit of time exploring Seattle, and I’m pretty sure I’ve now done everything there is to do in the Emerald City. I drank local craft beers, took a boat tour through Elliot Bay, ascended the Space Needle, visited Pike’s Place, marveled at the Pacific Science Center. So much happened!!

We’re capping it off today with a visit to Bruce Lee’s gravestone to pay respects, then it’s time to head east.

For those of you not caught up, check out the stuff I posted up this week:

Writer Wednesday: Expectations

(Video Slam) Glitch

And don’t miss this special announcement for “Hellions”, the first installment of which is due on Monday!

Big things coming to fruition, lads and ladies! I’m so glad you all like what I’m doing. Thank you for all the support. I promise to keep giving it my all!

— R.


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