NaNo Announcement!

Pictured: Notes on “Reclamation”. 

So, today was going to be a nice, easy day. I’m transitioning to Monday and Tuesday as my weekend, so today is my “Friday”. Since I’m caught up on all my course work, all my deadlines are met, and everything is ready for next week, I thought I’d do some easy NaNo pre-planning. 

Well, I guess the juices are flowing today. I’ve been doing an intense amount of worldbuilding for “Reclamation”, the title I’ve picked for my NaNoWriMo novel this year. 

This will be the first time I ever try NaNo, despite having wanted to enter in previous years. You know the old excuse: “I just never had the time.”

Well, this year, I’m doing it. And I’m coming with an awesome story! While I don’t have a lot worked out, the basics are in my head. Characters are already starting to take shape and the setting is starting to solidify. 

It’s got a YA feel, which is kind of how I wanted to approach my first NaNo. It lets me be a little less deep and adult, and lets me experiment with pace and scope. 

(In contrast, Hellions [the original I’m posting tomorrow] is super mature, and focuses heavily on characterization.)

In other words: I get to be a little more imaginative and a little less explanatory. 

I’m excited to share the process with you guys as the story starts to take shape. I’ll be posting its growth through October, as all of us plan our respective pieces. Oh, geez! I’M SO EXCITED. 

Have any of you started your planning yet?? Let me know!

— R. 


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