Follow-up Friday: 29 September 2017

I know I always say this: but what a crazy week!

I put up the first part of my original story Hellions, I announced my NaNoWriMo project (more on that in the coming days!), I talked focus on Writer Wednesday, and I dropped the new video onto YouTube. And I managed to do ALL OF THAT while traveling across an entire state

As far as the future: expect more announcements about the NaNo project on 1 October 2017. I’ll be doing some cool development posts throughout the month so that we can all plan together!

This weekend, I’m finishing the outline of Hellions, squaring away all the homework I totally neglected, and revving up for a book festival in Big Sky Country! 

Stay tuned!

— R. 

Ronin does… a lot. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, and Tumblr for photography and writing! Check out the awesome videos he posts on YouTube!

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Teach peace. 


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