Follow-up Friday: 6 October 2017

Another week comes to a close and I head into the weekend for prep. If you haven’t seen my video “33K”, I’m asking you to go give it a watch and share if possible. It means more to me than any project I’ve done here so far. 

Anyway! All the major school stuff is (mostly) handled. I’m halfway through the term and it looks like very high 90’s, which is absolutely awesome. I’m super proud of myself for putting in the effort. The last two times I tried school, I was a dumb teen and wanted to screw off. Now, it means something to me. 
“Hellions” is doing great! Read the second part (or the first, for that matter) if you haven’t yet. I’ve been getting some cool compliments from you all about it. I’m stoked that you like it! 
We’re in Montana now, chilling—literally. It’s so cold at night that the windows have to be kept open during sleep, or condensation will cause drops from the ceiling. It’s just a natural problem of life on the road, and we’re adjusting wonderfully. The days are nice and warm, as well, so that’s great!
T-minus 16 days until GRiZ in Missoula. I’m so thoroughly pumped. Check out his music. He’s excellent!
I think that about covers it! I’m off to do some hiking and get reacquainted with nature. 
I’d like to add here at the end a brief note on the tragedies America has faced over this last week. It has been hard on all of us. We must give our respect for the fallen, and we must engage in adult dialogue. Our differing opinions make us special, and we need to remember that. 
Love you all! I’ll see you on Monday!
— R. 


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