Follow-up: 13 October 2017

Another Friday has arrived! 

This past week has been great! The Tumblr just passed 200 followers and is now well on the way to 250 already. It’s absolutely mind-blowing to me the success this blog has already achieved. You guys are absolutely amazing, and I can’t thank you enough for all the support. Really. *hugs*

On Sunday, I posted up the second part of my PlaNoWriMo series. If you’re thinking about doing NaNo this year, you should really check it out! I think it’s pretty cool. Link!

Monday was the third installment of “Hellions”. You guys seem to really be liking the story, and I’m super glad! It’s been going very well. Super pumped to release the fourth part this coming Monday. Read the third one here. 

Writer Wednesday focused on character observations and the difference between subjective and objective observation. If you’re looking for some techniques to deepen your characterization, that’s definitely a post to read! Here’s the link

And, of course, I released the new featured video today! Check it out here, or on YouTube. Please like, comment, and share. I’d love to hear your guys’ opinions on the videos, and get some suggestions on what topics you’d like me to address in a feature. 

As all of you now know, I’m working on my degree in Creative Writing (w/ Fiction specialization). School is going really well. I’ve got a 98% and a 96% in the classes I’m currently taking, with two weeks left in the term. So the GPA is looking real good. 🙂

We’re still in Missoula, Montana. Been on a few hikes here and there. Got to see an excellent show the other night! (Pigeons Playing Ping-Pong; go check them out!) And we’ve got now nine days until GRiZ at the Wilma Theatre!

Time for me to kick back and sip on this delicious White Chocolate Mocha. I’ll see you all on Sunday!

Love you all!

— R. 

Teach peace. 


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