Follow-up Friday: 20 October 2017


This week has been really great! First and foremost, you guys have all helped me reach 300 followers on Tumblr, which is still baffling me! Check out the “thank you” post here if you haven’t read it already!

Mir, Rhino, and I are winding down our time in Montana. Missoula has been a comfortable home these past few weeks, and I’ll definitely miss it. But, it’s on to new things! We’ll be sticking around for one more show (GRiZ) at the Wilma Theatre before making the long drive down to Colorado (for… well, another show). We’re thinking about stopping in Bozeman on the way. We’ll see what happens.


Sunday was a day of learning with my third PlaNoWriMo Series (3 of 4)! This one focused on Risk, Setting, and Resolution! This series has been all about helping new authors that might not know how to start a book, and it’s taken off wonderfully. Super pumped that you guys enjoy it and find it useful! Link.

Hellions, Part 4 was released on Monday! The series has been getting along nicely and teaching me a bunch of writing lessons. The whole point (past the artistic stuff) was to just jump into a series and get some practice on characterization. I’m learning a ton, and you all seem to like it. So, win-win! Link!

For Writer Wednesday, we went deep into true narration, a topic I honestly don’t see a lot of writers addressing these days. It was pretty neat to hear your guys’ feedback on that one! Glad you liked it! Link!

And, of course, the new video dropped on YouTube today! Give it a watch right here.

For those of you who are interested: school continues to go incredibly well. I’ve moved up that 98.5 to a 98.9, and I’m absolutely positive I’ll have a 99 by the time the term closes on the 1st. I’m staying steady at a 97 in the Social Sciences class. All of this makes me feel wonderful, because it means I’m well on my way to having that Creative Writing degree in my hand!

I’ve also been putting in a ton of work behind the scenes to fill up a backlog of scheduled posts. Not that I don’t love waking up every morning and doing blog stuff, but I definitely need to be ahead of the curve come November. A whole bunch of my time is going to be taken up on NaNo, and I don’t want to lose focus on that. I also don’t want to do you all any disservice, and I want to continue pushing out content.

That means long hours. But… it’s so worth it!

I love you all. Thank you for another week of your amazing support, and I’ll catch you on Sunday for the final PlaNo post before November! Woop!

— R


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