Hellions: RETCON Announcement

Hey, all! Yes, you read the title correctly: Hellions is receiving a retcon. Actually, it’s more like a complete re-formatting. I know that some of you are already plotting terrible, terrible violence against me. To mitigate your concerns, allow me to explain what’s going on.

Structurally, Hellions is designed to be a novel released in short segments. Unfortunately…

  1. The entire novel is not actually written. I’m free-writing every week, and
  2. Releasing a full novel in short segments chops up the narrative and makes things awkward and clumsy.

The narrative you are currently reading each week is suffering because the story is being forced into a format that does not do it any justice. In order to correct this problem, I’ve been forced to alter the structure of the work into more of an episodic style. So, each Monday, I want to release a self-contained episode. It helps people not familiar with the story to jump right in, and it helps me contain the narrative a little better.

As of right now, the four original parts of Hellions will remain up for reading. But, this is purely for archiving purposes. The story has been morphed into something else entirely because I’ve had to push it into an unnatural format. So, the first four parts are not technically canon.

I know this is an awkward transition, and I try not to be too inconsistent of an author. I only ask that you trust me. This is the right move for the series, and I’m very excited about it. From now on, you will be reading HELLIONS, a ten-part series. To avoid too much confusion, and to allow time for me to polish the outline (and write the story proper), I’m not posting Hellions, Part 5 this week.

I love you all, and I guarantee you’ll love the more polished story in the coming ten weeks. Even as NaNo goes on, the plan is to continue pushing out the series. As I said, it’s ten parts. It’ll be posted every Monday, starting 30 October 2017, and going for ten weeks after.

Thanks for sticking around. It’ll be worth it, I promise.

Here’s the new featured image coming with the newly-polished story! Enjoy!

— R.


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