Today’s Office, 2 November 2017


Today’s Office. 2 November 2017.

If everything goes well, this should be the last shot from my “office” in Bozeman, Montana. The hostel has been incredibly good to us, and we really would have been in a terrible spot had it not been for this place. So, shoutout to the Treasure State Hostel in Bozeman, Montana. The generosity of the staff here has been heartwarming and incredible.

Rhino’s in the shop today, and it’s highly possible that we’ll be able to move back into him by this evening. We’re currently staring down a pretty serious situation out here, but we’re trying to stay positive. Bozeman is currently surrounded by a moderately strong snowstorm, and digging in to last it out could mean us being trapped here throughout the winter. Considering we live in a metal box… that’s not a good option.

So, we’re going to limp south for as long and as far as we can. The idea is to move toward Santa Fe, New Mexico and be away from the winter dangers until it’s time to brave them for the holidays. (We have family to see, after all.) That’s all well into the future. Right now, it’s a waiting game. Rhino’s structural integrity is essentially perfect (aside from the repair we had to make to his foot), which means there’s little danger of mechanical failure.

But, we’ll be traveling sans a right-side mirror and a plastic-wrapped window on snow-covered northern highways. So, y’know… the lap of luxury.

All of this while balancing a full school schedule, a ten-part miniseries, and a NaNoWriMo novel.

Ahhh, self-employment.

I love you guys! I’ll keep you updated!

— R.


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