Follow-up: 4 November 2017

[Pictured: The Rhino before and after his new injuries. The poor guy has been through a lot in these last three months.]

Okay. Well, after two straight months of saying “what an awesome week!”, I can finally say: this past week was not entirely awesome.

Last Wednesday night, we were leaving Bozeman, Montana and headed for Boulder, Colorado to see a favorite band of ours. A truck’s tire blew out as we passed it on a dark stretch of highway, slamming into us and running us into the median. We spun, hit a road sign, and came to a stop. Other than being pretty scared (and Mir having to get glass extracted from her ear), everyone was fine.

Well, almost everyone. Rhino, our van, took a couple real good licks. Our passenger side mirror was ripped off and the window completely shattered. The truck tore a hole in our passenger side above the rear wheel. The driver side had both tires ripped from their wheels, several pieces bent in the undercarriage, the gas tank bent, and the door won’t shut.

We were towed back to Bozeman, where we stayed in a hostel and waited for an insurance adjuster. Well, that guy totalled Rhino. The even worse news: we didn’t have the time, money, or luxury to go looking for a new vehicle. We thought we might, but we’d have been stuck in a brand new vehicle in the middle of two freak Montana snowstorms. Most likely, that would have trapped us for the rest of winter.

So, yesterday, we fixed up Rhino (more like taped up) and got his foot fixed at a shop. We headed out of Bozeman. Ten miles east of our original accident, we hit a patch of ice and spun out into the median. Again. This time, we got towed back onto the road and kept going. Unfortunately, all the shop work was for naught; we bent the same pieces again. (They are NOT cheap pieces.)

We made it to Wyoming and cleared the snow, thank goodness. So we won’t freeze. We don’t have the money to fix the window (it’s saran wrapped right now) or the door (bungee cords), and we have just enough to fix the control arm/sway bar (again).

Also woke up this morning to a flat tire, which we now need to replace. So…


But, we’re safe, we’re [mostly] warm, and we still have our beloved Rhino. So, things could be a whole lot worse.

Here’s the rundown for what I managed to get done in the middle of all that…

Firstly: the blog has officially passed 600 followers! Holy snap peas. We’re already about halfway to the next milestone, and I’m totally blown away. Thank you guys so much. Check out the official post here.

I wrote a post about taking punches, inspired by our whole ordeal. For those of you who are currently facing adversity and need a little pick-me-up, I got you. Here’s the link to that.

Writer Wednesday was all about NaNo Day 1! For those of you participating in NaNo this year, I highly recommend you check it out. Here’s a link!

Speaking of NaNo, Reclamation hasn’t received any attention other than solidifying the outline. Due to trying to escape Montana and juggling schoolwork, I simply haven’t had the time to actually sit down and dedicate words. Hopefully, today will be different. I’m so far behind, and it’s killing me.

I also posted a video earlier this morning. It’s not as extensive as my usual projects because of time. Even still, I like it. You can find that here, or help me out with likes and comments on YouTube!

HELLIONS hasn’t seen any major work for two weeks. The outline is coming along, but it’s low on the priority list (unfortunately). I was perhaps too ambitious to think I could manage a ten-part miniseries with everything else going on. That said, I’m still going to try, so bear with me. I’m sorry, guys. I’m really doing my best.

As for school: I finished out the term with a 98 and a 96 in both courses. The new term started the same day as NaNo. I’ve done half of my assignments so far. I’m taking Natural Sciences and English Comp, and both courses look to be very full. So… this month is going to be crazy.

It’s all about perseverance, folks. You guys have been so amazing in your support, and we really appreciate it. It’s been a hard week, and it’s been so helpful to have y’all cheering on. We’ll be back up and running in no time. Until then, all we can do is smile (and catch up on all the things).

Here’s to life. Let’s see what next week holds!

*starts writing in a mad frenzy*

— R.


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