700+ Followers on Tumblr!


Okay, okay. I know I said I had to get in the zone and knock out NaNo stuff. And I will. But, I had to take a second to thank you all for how amazing you have been to me. This last month was a real test of my constitution, but I made it through. I was able to do that with the love of my girlfriend, the support of my family, and the encouragement I’ve received from all you beautiful people!

All 700 of you!

The last time I made one of these posts, I claimed that my little operation was just too humble for the overwhelming support I keep receiving. I do everything on a busted laptop and a cell phone. I live in a van. How I managed to amass such a following is beyond me, honestly.

But I’m so glad that you are all able to look past the quality of my tools and into the quality of my work. I’m blown away. Truly.

Thank you guys for everything that you do for me. I’ll keep working hard to make you proud.

I love you all!

(Okay. I’m totally writing for NaNo now. I promise.)

— R.


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