Today’s Office, 9 November 2017

Today’s Office. 9 November 2017.

Hey, y’all. I have to admit: I’m not in the best spirits today. We successfully made the trip to Santa Fe to escape the winter storms in the north. We did so with a saran-wrapped passenger window, the driver door being pulled shut with a bungee, and a bent control arm that’s messing with the alignment.

Against all odds, we made it. This morning, the check engine light came on.

All I can do is worry about what I can fix right now. I’m in a coffee shop to knock out Writer Wednesday (which I failed to do yesterday), get some schoolwork done, and crank out some words for Reclamation. 

Good news, though. The insurance company of the guy who hit us is about to give us a decent payout, so we’ll be able to get the mechanical stuff fixed soonish. Just gotta be careful not to get stopped by cops or security while we wait in town. After all, we’re in a giant white van with duct-taped holes in the side and a plastic window. We don’t exactly look friendly from a distance.

Love y’all. Here’s hoping for better days in the near future. (Or at least warmer days. What the fuck, Santa Fe?)

— R.


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