Follow-up: 10 November 2017


Sometimes, I just have to sit back at marvel at what has happened over these last three months. Not every mile of this journey has been pleasant, but every mile has been worth it. I’ve done some things I never thought I’d do. I’ve overcome some things I didn’t know I would ever have to overcome. I remain standing, even despite incredible adversity.

This past week is a perfect example of my new life. It’s been truly insane.

Monday was the official start of my week, and it started off with a bang. The blog passed up 700 followers that day, and I wrote a special thank you post (as always). You can find it here.

Also on Monday, I finally started writing Reclamation, my NaNo novel. The current wordcount is 7,037. It’s a paltry amount for how far it is into the month, but considering my special circumstances over the last couple weeks… it’s just an outright success. I’ll be writing more today and posting excerpts throughout.

I had the pleasure of answering a bunch of cool questions during my NaNo chapter breaks! I’ve been doing an Ask Me Anything during sessions, and it’s been immensely helpful in connecting with you guys! (Shoutout to @arisespirit​, @withering-wildflowers​, and @bittersweet-hiraeth​ for their awesome questions/musical suggestions!)

Writer Wednesday was delayed… so I guess it was technically Writer Thursday. I talked about making decisions and how doing so–and rolling with it–can phenomenally impact your success as a writer. If you’d like to check that out, read it right here!

Friday was all about the Feature and the Follow-up, as usual. Here’s a link to the new video, Sacrifice, and another link to YouTube if you’d rather watch it there.

I learned today that the blog has now passed 800 followers! It is starting to grow at an almost scary clip, but it’s wonderful to see. I’m so glad you guys enjoy the work that I do, and I promise to keep providing you with awesome stuff. I can’t even articulate how much I appreciate you all, but I tried. You can read that “thank you” right here.

The Adventure: As most of you know, we were involved in a pretty serious accident two weeks ago. The van was pretty messed up, and we were staring down being stranded in winter storms in Montana. Not what you want. Here’s the bad news first: the insurance company is really stalling on helping on us, so we’re eating ramen and dollar-store soup for the time being. But, we are safe and sound. The good news: we managed to get out of Montana and all the way to Albuquerque, New Mexico! It’s sunny and warm, and I have a good place to work for the time being. So, everything’s going pretty well! We’ll be checking out some hiking around here, and we’ll see if we can take advantage of the nice weather with some good camping.

I’d like to take an extra-special moment to shoutout my amazing girlfriend @whiterhinodiary​. Babe, I know this life hasn’t been easy over the past three weeks, but you have been an absolute blessing in this most ridiculous of times. I love you so much. I’m so glad you’re here with me. You don’t just give me something wonderful to wake up to–you give me something to look forward to every day. I could not possibly ask for a better partner–in this journey, or in life.

(Psst. Y’all go check out her blog. She’s a badass. Follow her and appreciate her immense awesomeness.)

School: School’s going well despite the recent hangups. As I mentioned last week, I passed the last term with high A’s. I’m currently finishing out the second week of this new term, and I have a full 100% in both English Comp I and Perspectives in Natural Sciences. It’s going really well, and I’m honestly proud of myself for being able to maintain a high GPA despite the setbacks of the previous weeks. It feels pretty awesome!

Now, then, it’s NaNo time! I’ll be posting an Ask Me Anything invitation post here in just a few minutes. (I need to calm down my work brain and rev up my creator brain.) I hope to get some awesome questions from you guys today, so I hope you’ve got some great ones in your pockets!

I love you all! I’ll be around pretty much every day of the month thanks to my NaNo deficit, so feel free to message or comment any time!

— R.


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