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Y’all… I just… I can’t even…

What words will suffice? Are there any? It seems like every week I’m looking for how to express just how much you guys mean to me, and I can never seem to pin down exactly the right thing to say. If y’all only knew how many times I re-write these “thank you” posts, you would laugh.

I’m just some guy from the Midwest, y’all. I live in a van and I travel around. I take pictures and I write words. To think that those things would propel me to this level is… well, it’s shocking. I’ve always been an artist, and I’ve always made art. But I have never received the level of support I have received in these past three months. I must be doing something right. I wish I knew what it was… but I’m glad for whatever it is.

Thank you all so much. Really. From the bottom of my heart: you guys have helped me in more ways than you can possibly know. More than I could possibly express. Before I started this blog, I seriously questioned if I even had the capacity, the endurance, the creativity to be a professional. Before I started this blog, I thought I was always just going to hope I was a writer.

For nine hundred of you to show out and tell me, “Um. No. You’re awesome. Write words.” I just… I really can’t believe it.

As always, I pledge to work hard for y’all. I pledge to give a voice to those people–like the old me–who think they can’t achieve their goals. I pledge to pour my heart and soul into everything I do. And I pledge to keep smiling through the whole process.

Y’all are gonna make me blush my face off.

(Also: new hat! Does my head look like a candy cane or nah?)

— R.


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