Today’s Office, 15 November 2017

Today’s Office. 15 November 2017.

First of all: we are officially halfway through NaNoWriMo! I’d like to give a big shoutout to anyone participating this year, and I’d like to say: it doesn’t matter how many words you’ve written. If you’ve written at all, you have already succeeded. I had a new friend tell me last night they weren’t caught up, and they were worried about losing this year. It’s not over, people. Until this month is over AND you haven’t met the goal, you haven’t lost. Make the time you need to make and give it your best. You don’t get to worry about not winning yet, okay? (I’m behind, too, if it makes you feel any better!)

Today was a cool day. I was able to get a new laptop, which I desperately needed for school and pretty much everything else, and we were able to schedule some repairs for Rhino. He’ll be seeing the glass doctor tomorrow. I”m pretty excited. We’re slowly moving toward normality.

I didn’t forget about Writer Wednesday! I just made a post on it. Check it out right here. It is an incredibly important Writer Wednesday–we’re talking about mental health and using writing as a method for self-healing. If you or anyone you know might need that kind of advice, I highly encourage you to read and share.

There’s lots to take care of tonight. I’m about to post an excerpt from the newest Reclamation chapter, which I’ve had to write while setting up a new laptop and getting caught up on everything I’ve missed throughout the day. But, this is the stuff that I do best, so don’t worry!

I love you all! See you around!

— R.


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