Follow-up Friday: 17 November 2017


Just like my buddy Clyde Frog, we’re hanging in there! This week has really been nothing but productive, and it finally feels like we’re recovering from the tragedies of the last few weeks. Let’s get into the thick of things so y’all can catch up on what’s been going on in the life of this humble, little Ronin!

On Monday we discovered that the blog has now reached over 900 followers! This is truly a blessing, and I can’t believe it’s gotten this far. While I still feel totally speechless, I tried my best to give a good “thank you”. You’re all beautiful, and you all deserve it. You can find that post here.

Writer Wednesday was all about mental health issues, as we discussed “Writing to Heal”. For those suffering from mental health issues that are in need of some good advice (from a fellow sufferer), this week’s post is a great place to start. Here’s a link for youNote: Please share this Writer Wednesday with anyone you think might need some advice on how to deal with mental health-related issues.

Friday, I decided to change up the format on the blog. I made a post about it, but I can summarize it really quickly here: basically, the Friday videos are too time-consuming and too low on viewership to warrant a weekly iteration. Instead, I’ll be doing topic articles on relevant stuff. You can find the first one, FFS Friday: Mob Justice and Shame Cultureby following this link. I’ll still be posting video projects, but those will be on the last Friday of every month (so expect the next one to be 30 November 2017.)

School: School’s going well! I have continued to keep up the pace on my schoolwork, and have acquired a new laptop that makes it much easier to save and upload documents. It’s also much easier to write on, which is friggin’ awesome. Current grades are:

Perspectives in Natural Science – 93%

English Comp I – 92%

NaNo: Still going strong on NaNoWriMo despite a couple days of poor writing activity. The official count is 22,018. I’ve been doing three 1k sprints every night to close the gap on my deficit, and I definitely believe I’ll be winning this year. That’s especially exciting considering it’s my very first NaNo! I’ll be doing more sprints tonight, and I’ll be logged into Discord (roninwriting #6792) to answer questions and chat between sprints. As always, I’ll be posting excerpts.

Journey: Holy moley. What a week it has been for our journey! On Monday, I was finally able to make some progress with the insurance company and get that payout we’ve been needing for repairs. We were able to replace the passenger window (so Mir doesn’t have to worry about loud saran wrap as we drive). We were also able to get a lot of mechanical issues resolved on the Rhino. Namely, a new radiator, new hoses, new thermostat, new shocks and struts, and an alignment! He now drives better than he ever has! Tomorrow, we’ll be visiting the Pull n’ Pay to grab up a side mirror and get that replaced. Then, aside from some inconsequential body damage, Rhino will essentially be as good as new! I’m so glad we made the decision to keep fighting instead of giving up and going home. It’s been a wonderfully empowering feeling to know that we can suffer a major setback and still power through!

We’re in Albuquerque (I always have to check the spelling) now, soaking in some awesome and much-needed sunshine. We’ve so far seen some badass canyons and some ancient Puebloan petroglyphs (which was incredible). You guys should be seeing those pictures when the queue posts them next weekish or so.

That about wraps it up! I’m about to finish up some English work and then dive into hours of NaNo catch-up, so I hope to hear from you guys on Discord or on here! Please let me know what you think about the new article and the change in format. Your feedback is so useful in setting up a format that works for y’all (and me).

As always, I love you all!

— R.

Ronin travels the country in his van, Rhino, with his amazing girlfriend and his new (and totally not broken—finally!) laptop. He goes to school for Creative Writing with a focus on Fiction, takes lots of pictures, and is working on multiple writing projects (including a book or twenty). You can follow him on FacebookInstagramTumblrTwitter, and WordPress for daily content. Subscribe to his YouTube channel for video projects once-monthly.

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Teach peace.


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