1,000 Followers on Tumblr!!


Ahmahgawwwd! Y’all! It’s finally happened! After almost three months of busting my ass on this blog, I have finally reached the Tumblr equivalent of Super Saiyan: 1,000 followers! I really don’t even know where to begin my thanks, but I’m going to power through.

Firstly, I really want to clarify why I have been doing a “thank you” post each time I reach a follower milestone. I’ve had some people tell me it seems cheesy and fake. I had one person say that it was annoying to see my face keep popping up on their dash with these kinds of posts. I’ll just have to reiterate what I told these people: I appreciate each and every one of you. I know that most of you have no idea who I am, and that a lot of you will probably never come to know me personally. I think that’s why I’m so moved by this. People that don’t know me at all are willing to follow my blog and support my work. One thousand people, to be exact.

That is an overwhelmingly huge number. For a guy that is just out here trying to live his life and do something he loves, it’s almost difficult to process the information. You guys validate my life and help me remember how much I love doing what I do. I love this blog, I love writing, and I love bringing content to y’all. Whether it inspires or simply entertains, I’m so profoundly moved that my words and work have reached so many people. You are all amazing, and I really cannot possibly thank you enough for how much you do for me.

There are a few people I’d like to personally thank for having helped me reach this milestone.

Mir, @whiterhinodiary​—How can I even begin to explain how much you mean to me? Not only have you been willing to sell off your whole life and come with me on this incredible journey, but you’ve provided so much more than just a traveling partner. You have been my shoulder when times have been hard. My confidant, my muse, my inspiration, (sometimes my co-conspirator), the other half of the most adventurous and badass team on the planetand you’ve motivated me to be better every day. I have the distinct and overwhelming privilege to see your face first thing every morning. I get to laugh and joke with you about a life that we built together—a dream life I wouldn’t change for anything—that is constantly exciting and interesting. I am honored to have you by my side. Whether it’s climbing mountains in the American back-country, going hard at the gym, or just lazing around, I am forever blessed to share experiences with you. It was your suggestion to start the blog and it was your support that carried me through when I thought it was a waste of time. My success has hinged half on my unwillingness to quit and half on your unwillingness to let me do so. You are everything I could ever ask for in a partner and more. I love you, babo.

Mom—Momma, there’s a whole lot to say and not very much space to say it. I hope it doesn’t bother you much to say here that we don’t talk as much as we should, but I’ve been trying to be better about that. You have the distinct disadvantage of having a son that’s prone to wander, and sometimes that means you don’t hear from me for a long time. (There are other reasons, too—a lot of growing up had to be done on my part.) You’ve always done your best to ensure I was happy and taken care of, and you’ve always been a role model to me. You work harder than 99% of the people I’ve met, and that work ethic has certainly had an impact on me as I’ve grown older. Where once I struggled to find my place and had difficulty accepting my own nature, now I’ve begun to learn how to love myself and let life blossom from that love. You have always told me to follow my passions, no matter what they were or how scared you were that those passions wouldn’t feed me. (To be fair, they still don’t.) I know that I can lean on you for support no matter what, regardless of how much time has passed between our phone calls. Regardless of what I say or do that may hurt or worry you. You’ll always be my sounding bell, and your sweet tone will always lift me up when I feel broken. Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me, and for encouraging my creativity and talent. Thank you for reminding me constantly how talented I am, even when I doubt it. I love you, Mom.

Nana Banana—My number one fan since the second I came into the world, my Nana is an avid supporter. She’s told me she reads my work every day, first thing. Nana, you’ve supported me in every single endeavor in my life with a warm smile, patiently waiting for the “next great thing I’ll do”. You’ve always inspired my creativity and it was you, more than anyone, that fed my insatiable desire to make stuff. From helping me make lightsabers out of paper towel rolls and flashlights, to tent-camping with me in the living room, to teaching me how to survive in the wild, your influence is profound and incredible. You’d be surprised how many little things I’ve picked up from you that I use even today. I’m so very glad for your influence and support, and I’m proud to have you as my Nana. I really couldn’t ask for a better one! I love you, Nana.

I’d also like to give a shoutout to a couple of my ”biggest fans”, as they’ve been instrumental in my success.

@withering-wildflowers​ for the fan art and the constant encouragement. You are super awesome and I’m glad to have you as a supporter. You are talented and big-hearted, and you deserve all the happiness life has in store for you. Thank you for everything you’ve done.

@stacywrites​, you’ve liked just about every post I’ve made since you started following the blog. You’re a super talented writer, and I’m happy to know you and provide advice when I can. You, above all others, have helped me realize just how lucky I am to live this life and how important it is for me to help others achieve their goals as well. You are a fantastic person, and I know for sure that you will succeed at anything you set your heart to.

@bittersweet-hiraeth​, although we’ve never talked much, I wanted to give a shoutout for your support as well. I see you liking my work! Now and then you’ll leave a comment, and your musical suggestions have actually been immensely helpful in expanding my already ridiculously huge catalogue. I appreciate the support, man! Rock on!

@frei-rancken​, who has re-blogged almost every single NaNo excerpt and piece of writing that I have posted since following me! You are so awesome! Your support has helped me immensely! We don’t talk, but I’d love to get to know you more! You’ve been a wonderful follower, and I’m so glad you like the work that I do!

Honorable mentions:

@dancingdarklingwrites@christinawritesfiction@oliviagordonwrites​, @mleighsquickspot​, @jade-island-lives​. Either for being amazing artists that inspire me each day, or by being so supportive of my work, or both. You guys are all awesome and I wish to know y’all more. I’m here because of you.

To all the others that haven’t received a direction mention on this post: thank you so much. Your support is the reason I keep doing this. And this is no small feat. We’re not talking about a little blog I run in my spare time. This is my life. This is what I do. I don’t get paid for it. I do it because I love to write, I want to connect with other creative individuals, and I want to use my talents to spread some positive energy. Maybe, just maybe, I can make some kind of positive impact on the world. Because you guys are hitting that follow button, liking the posts, and sharing the content with your followers/friends, I am continually motivated to do better and be better. More people see me, more people follow me, and more people have a chance to hear what I have to say.

Which, above all, is what everyone needs to hear every day: I love you.

I love you all. Thank you so much for everything you do for me. I really can’t say enough. Here’s to each and every one of you! And here’s to hoping we get to 2,000!

— R.


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