Follow-up Friday: 24 November 2017


It’s Fri-dizzle, y’all. That really doesn’t mean anything to me, as my weekend is Monday – Tuesday, but I’m out here celebrating for all the peeps who have been looking forward to some much-needed time off from school/work!

Before I get started with all the goodies, I want to take some time to say Happy Anniversary to my love, @whiterhinodiary! It is officially our seven month anniversary! We’ve been on the road now for almost five months, and we’ve been kicking ass the whole time! I love you, dear. These last seven months have been the happiest I’ve been in a very long time. Here’s to another bajillion more.

Now, then… ICYMI!

THE BLOG PASSED 1K FOLLOWERS AND OMG, Y’ALL, I’M BOUT TO DIE. Thank you so much to everyone out there supporting me and what I love to do. It’s so amazing to see that one thousand people think I’m interesting enough to listen to. I’ll never understand it… but I’m sure as hell glad you guys are with me for this crazy journey! You can check out the “thank you” post here!

Writer Wednesday was a re-run this week because I’ve been slamming myself with too much stuff. It focuses on objective versus subjective observations and how you can use them in your writing to bring out character! Feel free to take a read on that right here.

FFS Friday’s Quit Being An Asshole was all about discrimination. Not only about how prolific it is in society, but why that is, and why it might just be a little bit of everyone’s fault. I originally wrote it from a place of anger, because I’ve recently been overwhelmed with calls for violence against people that just plain don’t deserve it. I’m seeing a lot of hate speech from people that claim to be negatively impacted/traumatized by hate. So… this one’s important. Give it a read right here.

The Journey: It goes well! We’ve settled into the nice, warm weather of Albuquerque and have been thoroughly enjoying ourselves! It feels as though the accidents in Montana and the impending winter freeze we narrowly avoided are now long behind us. Rhino is essentially good as new, though there’s still some surface work that could be done. But, he’s newer than he is old at this point. We’ll be headed to Florida very soon to meet up with family before making our way to Ohio. That should be a blast. In what is surely a good move on our part, we started working out again. I upgraded my Planet Fitness membership so that Mir can accompany me, and we’ve been absolutely crushing it, y’all. (She’s such a beast.) We’re a week down and feeling very sore, but it’ll be worth it. I can already feel my strength coming back. I’ve spent too long away from the gym.

* Pro Tip: If you’re traveling a lot, I highly encourage you to get a Black Card Membership at Planet Fitness. They have tons of locations, and it’s nice to be able to shower and work out as you move across the States. Huge morale boost.

School: School’s going about as well as it always has, really. Grades are…

Perspectives in Natural Sciences: 94%

English Comp I: 68%

Say whhhhhaaaaat? Yes, the grade fell sharply. The course is run in a learning module called MindEdge, which itself is run through Blackboard. A 75-point assignment was given to us in MindEdge. Once completed, we were to export that assignment and then re-upload it into Blackboard. My stupid ass somehow managed to forget the second step, so I got a fat 0 for that work. I’ve already contacted the professor in hopes of getting partial credit. It’s a blow to the ego, but there’s really nothing I can do and everything is at the discretion of the teacher at this point so… fingers crossed.

NaNoWriMo: I have officially broken past 35k on the novel and will be writing more tonight. I honestly forgot that I had to write the Follow-up, and I spent way too long trying to edit the FFS Friday piece. As I said in the office post: perfectionism kills. Still, I’m on track to finish on time as long as I keep up my speed, and I really don’t think that’s going to be too much of a problem. So… woop! One week left, so no more time for excuses.

Thanks for all your support throughout this week, friends! Be safe this weekend! Remember: have a plan.

— R.

Ronin travels the country with his girlfriend and his trusty steed, Rhino. You can follow his adventures every day by checking out his InstagramFacebookTumblrTwitter, or WordPress. Feel free to subscribe to his YouTube channel for neat videos every Friday.

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Teach peace!


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