Follow-up Friday: 8 December 2017


The first week of December is over and it’s certainly the sunniest—and most humid—week we’ve had in a long while! It feels very strange to be surrounded by palm trees and ocean in the middle of winter. But, hey, this is one of the greatest perks of living on the road: it’s only winter if you want it to be!

Writer Wednesday was all about taking a break—an important thing to internalize when you’re the busy creative type! If you’ve been feeling burnt-out recently, this is a great post to read. You can get it to right here!

FFS Friday was all about sexual health. It might be an uncomfortable topic, but it’s something worth talking about. Give the article a read and share it around so that the word gets out. Safe sex is healthy sex! Read it here.

The Journey:

After recovering from our accident-filled November, we’ve come into December with sunnier (ha!) dispositions and more positive attitudes. Truly, I believe that the obstacles November tossed at us were necessary. We’re stronger now more than ever. In more ways than one! The last month taught us both that life could be over just like that. Sometimes, you just don’t have any control. Things happen. But, you shouldn’t waste time waiting to better the things you can control. If you’ve always wanted to do something: do it. Take the steps you need to take. Recognize what you can truly control, and control the hell out of it.

With those lessons in mind, Mir and I have started working out again (and our bodies feel great), we’ve started investing our money for the future, and we’ve started making plans on our personal goals. I’m rocking a 4.0 GPA for the first time in my life and I finished a novel. Mir’s got her own goals, and I plan to be right at her side while she accomplishes them. And she will. She’s a badass!

The road between New Mexico and Florida treated us very well! We had essentially no issues through New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida. It’s been sunny and wonderful! We’re visiting family and enjoying some nice rest in a real home for once, and we’re considering what changes we want to make for our future adventures. (Hint: we’re probably going to be getting a new vehicle.) Everything seems to be going really well! As long as we stay positive, I suspect that our upswing will only continue!


I’ve been getting tired of these two classes, honestly. I’m definitely not burnt out on my studies: I usually dedicate about 3-4ish hours a week to school, and it hasn’t been at all difficult. I think I’m just ready to get to the real stuff! Either way, as I said above: I have a 4.0 GPA for the very first time in my life!

English Composition I – 92%

Perspectives in Natural Science – 95%


Reclamation, the NaNo novel, is moving into its first revisions this week! I’m very excited about this. I’ve already identified some changes I’d like to make that will really help out the overall story. First things first, though: I’ve got to read through the entire transcript and take some basic notes. This revision will focus on the large-scale issues of the novel, and I expect I’ll be adding about 100k words (or more) to the overall draft. I can’t wait!

Devils of Kharashan, a Middle Eastern-style fantasy epic, has already begun deep plotting. I’ll not be writing much of it while I revise Reclamation, but I’ll definitely be outlining the hell out of it during my off time. This particular project is very special to me, and I’m really pumped about it. Only Mir knows much about it right now, and I’m sure she’d tell you: it’s got a lot of potential! This will be the first novel of the Worldshaker Ephemeris. It won’t necessarily be the first story chronologically, but it’s the place I most want to start!

HELLIONS is currently being put in hiatus. It needs major work, and NaNoWriMo put some serious brakes on the project. I’ve got a very good idea for where I want the story to go, but I can’t quit find the right structure for it. It might just be better as a screenplay, but I’m not fully sure yet. Until I have a clearer picture of the story’s purpose, I don’t want to push it. Still needs to tumble around in the brain a bit, I guess.

Well, that’s about all I’ve got for the week, my wonderful people! I’m about to go out with Mir and enjoy some wonderful Florida sunshine before we destroy our bodies at the gym tonight!

I love you all! Be safe this weekend! Remember: always have a plan!

— R.


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