Follow-up Friday: 15 December 2017

Y’all, I really cannot explain how strange it is to be living in a house. I know that sounds super strange, but it’s true. I’ve been living in a van (comfortably!) for almost six months now, and I’ve gotten used to the rigors of the road. The showers at the gym, waking up in a forest or a parking lot, cooking on a little two-burner stove. So, it’s very weird to be kicking my feet up on a coffee table and watching things on a television. It’s the luxury of kings to be able to just use the restroom whenever I want. Privately.

Anyway! Let’s get into it.


Writer Wednesday, “Ocean of Possibilities”, talked about the amazing ideas in your head and how stripping away the unnecessary clutter can make for better storytelling. Check that out here, and learn about my little goldfish obsession as a kid.

FFS Friday covered the always-unpleasant topic of domestic violence. This is a call to arms for friends of victims. If we’re going to help save our friends, we must know what to look out for. We also have to know what to do when it’s time to act. Check that out here.

The Journey:

We’re in Florida, where we’re shacking up with family and taking a holiday break from the road. The sun is shining, the lizards are skittering, and each day is a chance to connect with Mir’s family. I must admit: I love them almost as much as I love her. They’re a little bonkers… but, hey… so is my family. I fit right in.

Work hasn’t decreased at all. In fact, it’s sped up. I’m still juggling school and the blog and novel revisions, so I’m still very busy. But, it’s a lot easier to procrastinate when you’ve got a comfortable couch to chill on and Hulu/Netflix at the ready. Mir’s been doing a great job (as always) reminding me that I have things to accomplish, so I’m still on track. I don’t know what I would do without her.

have been distracted by fixing some things on Rhino (our van). As most of you know, he was damaged in late October when we were driven off the highway. We’ve been using jerry-rigged parts to keep ourselves going: namely, having to rip a side mirror from a random vehicle and duct-tape it to ours. Luckily, Mir’s little brother took us to a junkyard yesterday where we got the mirror we needed! We attached it today, as well as a door handle, so we can get in/out normally instead of going through the back! This probably sounds crazy to most people, but these are huge wins for us.


School’s still going well! This week plus one more and the term will be over! Grades are still great!

Perspectives in Natural Sciences – 96%

English Comp I – 89%

Yeah, the Comp grade fell a bit. Turns out, I didn’t put a reference page on my last essay. No worries, though! I’ll correct the mistake and bring it up to an A before the term’s end. This is the first time in my whole life I’ve had a 4.0 GPA!


This week, I’ve officially started revisions for Reclamation—the NaNoWriMo novel. It’s been slow-going, as this is the first true second draft I’ve started, so I’m trying to really take my time and make sure the edits are meaningful. The process I’ve been using is fairly simple: read through the entire first draft and make notes on the revisions I want to make. Once I have all the notes, I’ll be actually writing/re-writing the chapters. I think it’s important to get a sense of the work in its whole scope before just barreling into changes and re-writes. It’s an effective tool so far. I’ll update y’all on the progress of it as we go along. I’m also still looking for alpha readers once I finish the second draft. Hit me up if interested.

Devils of Kharashan got some good plotting and worldbuilding, but I’ve put it aside as I now focus my full attentions on Reclamation. It is definitely going to be my next major project, but I want to devote as much of my time to finishing Reclamation as possible. More on this as it gets closer to first draft time.

Well, that’s about it for this week! I hope you guys have enjoyed the content over the last seven days. As always, I’m always open to asks, messages, comments, and emails. If you have a cool idea for Writer Wednesday or FFS Friday, let me know! If you have any questions, comments, bitches, gripes, concerns, complaints, praise, or you just wanna chat… you know where to find me!

I love you all! Have a safe weekend! Remember: have a plan.

See you next week!

— R.


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