Today’s Office, 18 December 2017

Today’s Office. 18 December 2017.

A somber day, all. I’ve not taken my own advice. After struggling with and losing sleep on these Reclamation edits, I’ve decided to give myself some much-needed slack. Some writer idols have suggested a larger gap between finishing the first draft and the starting the second pass. Mir says I shouldn’t work on something that’s driving me bonkers. The product won’t be the best if I do. She’s right.

For now, I’m suspending Reclamation edits and jumping into something fresh. The hope: I’ll be able to take a more calculated approach to the story when I return, with a refreshed mindset (and with time to let the draft “simmer”).

Welp. Time to start the first draft of Devils of Kharashan. This is a big step! The first novel in the Worldshaker Ephemeris. This is a huge project over a decade in the making. I’m… kinda scared. But, we’ll press on! Here we go!

— R.


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