Follow-up Friday: 29 December 2017

Another week down, y’all. I feel like I have been all over the country within the last week! There’s been a lot of driving, a lot of planning, and a lot of trying to get everything accomplished before the end of the year. It’s been busy, y’all. Let’s recap!


Writer Wednesday was, once again, a throwback. I apologize for not bringing some new stuff your way, but it’s been a busy holiday season. As much as I keep trying to get a backlog of content going, I seem to constantly be overreaching my limits! This one was on making decisions and going with the flow. It also has a neat look into my time in the military. Check it out here!

The Journey:

Boy-oh-boy has it been a week for travel. We left Florida last Friday on a 14-hour drive to Ohio to see family. There were four of us packed into a tiny car. While the gas mileage was wonderful, the fart smell was not. Still, we got to Ohio and sprinted frantically about, managing to see everyone in record time. I wish we could have spent more time with family, but hey! At least we got to go home! One of the many perks of the road: you can make the holidays whenever you want.

Nothing too exciting happened during the holidays. My sister is pregnant with her first child and I’m super pumped to head back in the Spring to see my baby nephew! We got mostly money (and gas) from family–perhaps the best gift that could have been given to us considering recent circumstances. With that money, we were able to make it back to Florida comfortably. It also helped us stay afloat until the checks came in. A Christmas miracle, for sure.

Speaking of miracles: turns out, I completely forgot about a savings account I opened in 2011. I’d been putting 15% of my earnings in that account every paycheck. Now, as the van is half-busted and we are in need of some new wheels, I have finally cracked open that account and accessed a small fortune I totally didn’t even know I had! So, it looks like we’ll be getting a sweet new vehicle and throwing some money into savings. We just might be getting a van with amazing features! Like: standing room, a sink, an exhaust fan, and maybe even solar power!

What a way to end out the year! o.O


School’s finally over for this year. I go back in a little over two weeks. It’s a nice break from the mayhem (though, admittedly, I don’t try overly hard if I don’t have to). I wasn’t able to raise the English grade to the A I was hoping for, unfortunately. Turns out, I missed a very specific rubric necessity that ended up dropping me to a B. It hurts my inner perfectionist, but… well, I’m still doing extremely well in school for the first time in my life. So, I can’t complain!

English Comp I – 85%

Perspectives in Natural Science – 96%

I’ll be taking Shakespeare and English Comp II this coming semester, and I will pull straight A’s. Best believe it.


Oh, sweet writing. I somehow manage to do a lot and still feel like I’m going nowhere. Such is the nature of the writer’s heart, I suppose!

Devils of Kharashan – I’ve begun the laborious work of slamming my two major plotlines together after a wonderful session on plot-study. It’s coming along very nicely. I should be starting up the first draft sometime next week, and I just can’t wait to get started. This story is a long time coming, and I know it’s going to be my best work yet. Aww yeah!

Reclamation – Still brewing on this one. The first draft remains finished but unrevised, and I don’t think I’ll be touching it until I’m finished with the DoK first draft. Which is fine. This story will be my debut, so I want to make sure I’ve got it done right. I’m still looking for willing alpha readers, though it still needs some touch-up before it’s ready for others’ eyes. I’ve been bouncing around the idea of releasing this one for “pay what you want”. I think that’s in line with my views and wants as an artist. We’ll see.

Hellions – There is a tiny portion of you that apparently secretly love Alastor and all of his misdeeds. That’s good news! I’m still toying with this one, and it’ll be some time yet before it’s ready to go. Essentially, there’s nothing significant to report. It’ll be the next major project, though, so just hang in there!


I think that’s all there is to it for this week. I’m still crafting the video for this month, so hold tight. It’ll be ready in just a couple of hours!

I love you all! Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you have an awesome New Years weekend! Remember: be safe and always have a plan!

— R.

Ronin writes fantasy and science fiction novels. He also writes opinion pieces about the goings-on of the world. Sometimes, he even tries to be inspirational. You can find his writing on InstragramFacebookTumblrTwitter, and WordPress. Subscribe to his YouTube channel for a neat video at the end of every month!

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Teach peace.


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