Today’s Office, 1 January 2018

Today’s Office. 1 January 2018.

Is he going to post some inspiring image for the first Today’s Office of the New Year!?

N-no… he’s just going to post a picture of him eating chocolate-covered cranberries. O-okay…

(Nah but for real, they’re delicious.)

Posted up the first part of a pleasure project this morn, “No Name for a Sword.” Check that out if you get a chance! You’ll see more of those coming up every Monday. It’s an Eastern-inspired fantasy written in epic haiku.

I know, right!?

Taking a break from drafting “Devils of Kharashan” to kick it and read a little. Currently about 1/3 through Garrett Robinson’s “Nightblade”. It’s pretty good so far!

Feel free to send me asks or messages today. I’m taking it rreeeaalll easy.

Happy New Year!

— R.


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