Today’s Office, 5 January 2018

Today’s Office. 5 January 2018.

I don’t know what it is, y’all. I don’t know if it’s a product of my upbringing or just a general disinterest in stagnancy, but I fucking hate staying in one place for too terribly long. It starts to itch at my bones. This temporarily sedentary life in Florida has been wonderful. I’ve made a lot of deep connections with Mir’s family, and Mir and I have strengthened our relationship a ton. I’ve made a lot of progress on school. We’ve solidified a gym habit and better eating. The sun shines every day.

But, I wake today feeling suddenly gray. The same feeling I escaped from just a year ago. From experience, this feeling is not because of my environment. It’s not due to a boredom with my station. Rather, it’s born of a dissatisfaction with my work. The creative stuff. I feel as though I’ve been taking it too easy on myself. I’ve allowed myself to look at my writing as “what I can do to impress” rather than “what I can do to express”. I’ve turned love into labor. It’s a job, now.

This is not acceptable.

This year, I’ll make a resolution. I resolve to engage my imagination more; to worry about perfection and planning less; to be present in the writing. In doing so, even as life demands short breaks from the hectic environment of the road, I will still be traveling. My world will forever be colorful.

Have a wonderful day, y’all. Expect the FFS Friday and Follow-up posts to come up shortly. I’ll also be releasing a special announcement. I love you all! As always: thanks for reading.

— R.


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