No Name for a Sword: Chapter Two

No Name for a Sword – Chapter Two

by Ronin Writing

9 January 2018

No Name for a Sword is an Asian-inspired epic fantasy told through haiku and posted in weekly installments. Follow the journey of the Nameless Swordsman as he wanders a country filled with beauty, tradition, and war on a quest to find out his name… and his purpose.

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Chapter One

The hills at sunset

Beckoned with heavy silence.

Trees still, birds quiet.


He wove a long path,

Twisting through the wilderness

Til the sun vanished.


In the dark, ahead,

The swordsman saw there a fire.

Shapes circled the flames.


Quiet as he could,

He crept over crunching leaves

And drew out his blade.


The shapes stopped moving.

“I can hear your heart beating,”

A voice growled. Don’t answer.


“You cannot hide here.”

The shapes vanished. The fire died.

Silence all around.


Movement from behind –

Prickling the back of his neck.

He spun, swung his blade.


It met only air.

A laugh rang out through the trees.

It was not human.


“There’s nowhere to run!”

The scent of smoke lingered near.

It trailed to his right.


He pointed his blade,

Angling it toward his left.

The bait was taken.


Something jumped at him.

He drove his elbow backward,

Connecting with might.


The enemy shrieked.

He twirled. His blade cleaved through flesh.

Two halves met the ground.


Bright blue blood

Leaked out onto the cold dirt.

It offered him some light.


“Shall I kill you all?”

No response came from the dark.

“Show yourselves or die.”


“’Show ourselves and die,’

Don’t you mean to say, swordsman?”

The same growling voice.


“Our home is the dark,

And we are nothing in it.

Now, you will be too.”


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