Follow-up Friday: 12 January 2018

Hello, friends! I hope you’ve have a very pleasant week! Mine has been hectic, but very fun!


I started off the week behind on all my work (because I failed to plan correctly), so Monday and Wednesday’s dailies were a day behind. For the purposes of this post, though, I’m just going to say that they were done on their correct day.

Monday started off the week with the second installment of No Name for a Sword. For those of you who haven’t read it yet, it’s an Asian-inspired fantasy epic told entirely through haiku! It’s a bit of an odd format, but I bet you’ll like it! You can check out the second part here, and there’s a link to the first if you wanna check out the whole series.

Writer Wednesday was a throwback thanks to my backlog of work. I re-posted Ocean of Possibilities, which talks about simplifying ideas and remembering why we write. I loved writing and reading this post, so I’d love for you all to give it a look if you haven’t already! You can find that right here.

FFS Friday was about social media addiction and its realities. The post considers self-actualization and validation, and explores why we get so addicted to social media. Good news: there’s a cure. You can find the article here.

The Journey:

We’re still cozied up in Florida, our wounds thoroughly licked from the near-death accident in Montana this last October. Money has been saved, money has been earned, and a brand new vehicle is in sight! That savings account I started in 2011 paid out really well! Armed with a small fortune, we are now setting out to buy up a new van and convert it to our needs. With some road experience under our belt, Mir and I believe we can design and build a van that will kick ass. We’ll be able to stand up, refrigerate our food, clean our dishes in a sink, and have some more windows through which to enjoy the world!

We haven’t done anything overly exciting this week, although we did get in a great game of mini golf. We also set up the old Wii for some family game time! It’s a blast!

We’re still thinking to stay in Florida until the snows clear up north, so the “traveling” part of the blog might seem a bit boring for a while. I’m getting antsy to explore, though, so we’ll be taking the new van out on the road for some excursions in the not-too-distant future. Expect some sweet pictures from the Keys, the Everglades, and a few other awesome spots that y’all have recommended to us!


I have officially started the new term! The first week’s assignments are in the bag, and I’m actually pretty interested. It seems that a running theme throughout this year is going to be justification, as it’s popped up a lot in my writing. For my final essays in school, I’ll be writing a persuasive paper on the morality of torture for intelligence-gaining purposes and an explorative essay on Shakespeare’s use of righteousness and sin as themes in his works. Exciting stuff!

English Comp II – 100%

Shakespeare – 100%


As I mentioned above, justification seems to be the driving them behind my writing this year. I don’t know, but I’m just really into how and why people justify the shitty things they do to each other. Maybe I’m growing older and getting tired of being pissed off at the general public all the time. Who knows?

Devils of Kharashan

– The first book is officially outlined and the first draft has been started!

– The second book is about 75% outlined, and it obviously won’t be started for a long while.

– I’m still tossing around the idea of a third book, but it’s too early to know for sure.

– For the fans: if you want to experience the first and second books before reading them, listen to Tool’s albums “10,000 Days” and “Lateralus” respectively. They were major inspirations for these works!


– First draft complete.

– Editing will begin after Devil’s 1 first draft is finished.


– Still outlining.

– First draft will begin after Reclamation editing.

Upcoming Schedule: Devils 1’s First Draft, Reclamation Edits, Hellions First Draft, Devils 1’s Edits.

– Expect NaNo 2018 to displace this schedule a bit.


That’s it for this week, folks. Thank you so much for being on this wonderful ride with me. As always, I appreciate your support, and I’m so blessed to have you all out there rooting for me.

Have a fun and safe weekend. Remember, always have a plan!

See you next week. Love you all!

— R.


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