Follow-up Friday: 19 January 2018

Another week is down, my friends! Honestly, it feels like this last week has flown by!


Monday was another installment of my new series No Name for a Sword, which everyone seems to really like! This week, the Nameless Swordsman demonstrated a little mercy. Will his compassion help him or hinder him on the path to saving the little Sparrow before it’s too late? Read more here!

Writer Wednesday was a cool post on Writing in Layers. We take some inspiration from visual artists and how they draw, and we translate that inspiration into a lesson we writers can use! I really loved the accompanying video. Here’s the link to that article.

FFS Friday was all about Tolerating Intolerance. Is it possible that we do more damage to the quest for peace by being intolerant of people with intolerant belief structures? This post was inspired by a great monologue from Frank on Shameless. Please give it a read right here.

The Journey:

Oh, the joys of this life! Last weekend, Mir and I took a trip over to Tampa, Florida to look for a new van. Now that we’ve got the money to do so, we’ve been scouring the four corners of the globe in search of a new steed. Unfortunately, the options in Tampa grew more limited as we approached the city, and eventually we wound up short. We did get to drive a pretty sweet new ride, but possible transmission damage left it out of the running. We’ll be taking another trip this weekend to Orlando, where we’ve got some great potentials identified. Here’s hoping for the best on that front.

Everyone please congratulate Mir on being a champ and sitting through what turned out to be a brutal teeth cleaning. She’s preparing for the removal of her wisdom teeth, and I’m excited to feed her apple sauce and mashed potatoes. I’m hoping she’ll say hilarious things after the procedure, but she’s adamant that she won’t. A guy can dream.

We’re still in Florida. I can hear the mountains and the trees calling to me from somewhere beyond the borders of this state, but it’s simply too snowy to go anywhere right now. That, and we’d really prefer to get a new van than continue driving the wrecked one. We’ve got the East Coast tour coming this spring/summer, and we’re looking at doing a whole bunch of adventurous stuff in Florida once the van situation gets worked out. (I want to spend as much as possible on that first before we spend too much on Universal, Disney, etc. But you better bet your asses that you’ll see us in the Wizarding World soon enough!)


My adult education is going swimmingly, y’all. I actually just received news that I’ve made the President’s List, and am extremely excited about this. This is the first time I’ve received any kind of accolade for my education performance. Most of my life, I didn’t care about school… But, hey! Things change when you grow up!

English Composition II – 100%

Shakespeare – N/A

The Shakespeare grade is still pending, as there’s been some kind of rubric confusion on the professor’s part. We’ll see how this goes, although I’m not entirely thrilled by this professor right now. I have another student’s grade notes on an assignment of mine that hasn’t even been graded. -.-


Writing is going so well, you guys. Really. I’ve been managing to really step up my game.

Devils of Kharashan:

– Book 1’s outline is now undergoing revisions to match up with Book 2.

– Book 2’s outline is finished and awaiting revisions.

– Book 3’s outline is started, but incomplete. There needs to be some bouncing back and forth in order to ensure the story translates correctly throughout the series. So, the first two outlines need to be touched up before I can complete the third. Then, all of them will receive a final treatment. (Writing a trilogy is crazy.



– First Draft: Complete

– Awaiting First Pass Edits



– Still drafting.


Worldshaker Ephemeris:

– World histories up to the Devils of Kharashan series are complete.

– World maps have been added to the WE Wiki.

– I believe Jhekata will receive the next series treatment, and will pick up on the untitled Swordsman project I was working on prior to NaNo (Reclamation). Those of you who are interested in my connected world: No Name for a Sword occurs in Jhekata circa 1221 SA. Devils takes place between -553 and -539.

I think that about covers it for this week. I’m thankful to all of you for making this blog as successful as it is, and a huge shoutout to the followers that are showing their support through likes, comments, and shares. I’d be able to do all of this without you… but it would be hellish and not worth it.

I love you all. Have a great weekend and remember: always have a plan.

— R.


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