Follow-up Friday: 26 January 2018

What’s up, my people? Another successful week in the books! Read on to see what you may have missed and what’s been going on behind-the-scenes!


Monday saw the release of No Name for a Sword’s Chapter Four! I’ve gotten some great feedback for this story, and I hope you all continue to enjoy it. For those of you who aren’t familiar, it’s an epic fantasy written entirely in haiku. Check out the latest chapter here.

Writer Wednesday was “Criticism and Rejection”. We discussed how to handle other’s opinions—sometimes negative—of our work. It’s healthy to feel hurt by criticism. But don’t let it stop you! Read that article here.

For Final Friday, y’all got a feature video! This one, “Dive”, considers human exploration—inside and outside. You can see that video right here on YouTube!

The Journey:


Y’all. We did it. With time and patience (and a little luck) we were able to get a new van! Taller and a little wider than the old Rhino, the new guy (we’re calling him Reginald—Reggie for short) will offer more room and more comfort! This next week marks the start of the conversion, during which we’ll be adding solar power and all the woodwork to support the kitchen and bed. It’ll be a lot of work, but it’ll be very worth it!

(We’ll be recording a conversion video for y’all! Stay tuned!)

Yesterday, Mir and I devised a basic itinerary for the next few months. We’ll be headed to Washington DC in March to nerd out on history and in museums! After, to catch some sweet shows and a trip to Asheville, NC. Following that, over to see the birth of my nephew in Ohio (and do some hiking), then back South for a couple surprise adventures. (More on that stuff at a later time.)


I made the President’s List for the first time in my life! I didn’t really care about school as a young man. Formal education never really interested me. Now, hunting down the degree I’ve always wanted and living a free life, I’m kicking serious ass.

English Composition II – 100

Shakespeare – 100


I have recently realized the incredible importance of deadlines, and will be implementing them and a schedule to keep me more on pace. I’ve also compiled a basic schedule for the next… long while.

Devils of Kharashan

  • Deadline for third novel’s outline is 4 February.
  • Deadline for series outline synchronization is 11     February.
  • Official start date of Book 1 first draft is 12     February.
  • Deadline for Book 1 first draft is 12 June.


On hold. The first draft needs a lot of work. As of now, Reclamation has been put on hiatus. It was the book I needed in order to jumpstart my novel writing, but it is not the book I wanted to write. Other, more exciting projects are taking up my time. It’s shelved for now, but it’ll be back someday!


The Apocalypse came… and went. Turns out, humans did much better against the legion of the damned than anybody expected. Will humans and demons learn to coexist, or do the infernal refugees risk being hunted to extinction?

Getting more and more excited about this story with every thought I give to it. It will definitely be a novel, standalone, and it’ll be the next project to which I dedicate my time.

  • Deadline for the initial outline is TBD.

The Tournament (Working Title)

An Asian-inspired fantasy set in Jhekata—the same setting as No Name for a Sword. Rivals clans choose a champion, and these champions fight to the death for their clan’s right to control the government for ten years. When a mysterious figure interrupts the tradition, can the clans come together to save the nation? Or, is this the start of something new?

  • Deadline for the initial outline is TBD.

Voltpunk (Working Title)

Lightning magic meets grim noir in this electrifying detective story. Still in conceptualization. More information to come.

  • Deadline for the initial outline is TBD.

Hero League (Working Title)

Taking place in a Norse-style setting, this fantasy examines the possibilities of a magical WWE/UFC. Still in conceptualization. More information to come.

  • Deadline for the initial outline TBD.

Writing Schedule:

DOK 1 First Draft

Hellions Outline

DOK 1 Edits/Completion

Hellions First Draft

The Tournament Outline

Hellions Edits/Completion

DOK 2 First Draft

Voltpunk Outline

DOK 2 Edits/Completion

The Tournament First Draft

Hero League Outline

The Tournament Edits/Completion

DOK 3 First Draft

Hero League First Draft

DOK 3 Edits/Completion

Hero League Edits/Completion

** Schedule may change depending upon school and NaNoWriMo 2018. **

That’s all for this week, folks! Thank you for all your support and I hope to keep seeing you! I love you all!

Have a great weekend. Remember: have a plan.

— R.


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