Follow-up Friday: 2 February 2018

A low-key week out here, y’all. Read on to see what’s been going down in my world!


Tuesday marked Chapter Five of No Name for a Sword. This series has been receiving some very positive attention, and I’m super glad you’re all enjoying it. If you don’t know what it is: NNFAS is an Asian-inspired epic fantasy told entirely through haiku. You can check out the latest episode here, or go right to the first one here.

Writer Wednesday was taken over by a post called Greed and Comfort, in which I discuss the folly of humanity’s quest for money and how our worship of it could lead to our demise. It sounds heavy and depressing, but there’s hope in there as well. Give it a read here, and learn what you can do to save humanity from remaining slaves to a violent system.

FFS Friday is a throwback post concerning hate-speech. I’ll warn you now: you may find it offensive. Still, I encourage you to read it. There’s a lot of hate out there in the world, and defeating it will require all of us to consider the story and lives of other people. We all go through struggles. Learning to respect that fact is the first step toward a more peaceful world. Read the article here.

The Journey:

Another week in Florida. The winter is thawing out to the north, and a path is opening up for us to get moving again. We’ve completely stripped out and cleaned Reginald, and are preparing to convert his insides into a sweet, new pad. Rhino sits dead in the parking lot, his battery without life, used as a storage shed and awaiting his trip to the junk (grave) yard. It’s sad, but it’s also uplifting. Rhino not only got us all the way from Washington to Florida, but he protected us through one of the most terrifying crashes I’ve ever experienced. What a champ.

The plans remain the same. We’ll be visiting Washington DC, North Carolina, and Ohio as primary stops in the coming months before returning to Florida (and then making a couple surprise trips). I’m more than excited to hit the road again. I’ve had a blast hanging out with family and cruising through Florida, making good investments and capitalizing on money-saving opportunities, but it’s time to get back to what I love most: exploration.

Over the last weekend, we saw a play at the local theater, visited a Smithsonian satellite aquarium, and went on a fun nature hike. (I really miss the mountains. Florida’s too flat.) In case you wanted to know, we saw Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest—a play about false identities, the masks we wear in our lives, and to what ends we will go for love and entertainment. I was actually surprised by the community theater performance. They did a great job. (And the lead was only 17!)

Most importantly, we’ve started going to the gym at 4:30am. We made this decision because the evenings are simply too crowded to get a proper workout. Also, Mir and I didn’t want to work out in the later morning and leave the Mama to work out by herself. So, we compromised, and now we all go super early. It’s great because it allows us all to get in an awesome workout to start the day, and it gives me plenty of time to accomplish everything I need to accomplish. But… it also means we have to leave the house (and get back) before the sun even rises. So… yikes.


My education continues to go very well! I’m so happy to be putting in real effort in school after two failed attempts at college in ’08 and ’10. Also, I never paid any attention in high school. So, it’s nice to be holding a 3.75 GPA, being on the President’s List, and kicking ass in the current courses.

English Composition II – 100%

Shakespeare – 98%


Writing is going very well! I’m meeting the deadlines I’ve been setting for myself and am on track to have a very productive year! I’m also keeping myself very, very busy.


* Current Project – Devils of Kharashan

A Middle Eastern-inspired epic fantasy surrounding the violent nation of Rasjhidin, where gods walk among the people. The Sayhiir have benefitted from the public’s worship for long enough. The people are rising up, daring to look the gods in the eyes, and the escalating drama could have ramifications for more than just Rasjhidin. Indeed, the brewing war could affect the entire world.

– Book 1 and 2 Outlines Complete

– Book 3 Outline Due Sunday, 4 February

– Synchronization/Series Outline Due Sunday, 11 February

– Book 1 First Draft Begins Monday, 12 February

– Book 1 First Draft Deadline: 12 June


* Upcoming Projects –

Hellions – The Apocalypse came… and went. Turns out, humans did much better against the legion of the damned than anybody expected. Will humans and demons learn to coexist, or do the infernal refugees risk being hunted to extinction? A near-future urban fantasy with plenty of blood and lots of laughs. Hellions is sure to please anyone with a dark sense of humor.

The Tournament (Working Title) – An Asian-inspired fantasy set in Jhekata—the same setting as No Name for a Sword. Rivals clans choose a champion, and these champions fight to the death for their clan’s right to control the government for ten years. When a mysterious figure interrupts the tradition, can the clans come together to save the nation? Or, is this the start of something new?

Voltpunk (Working Title) – Lightning magic meets grim noir in this electrifying detective story. Still in conceptualization. More information to come.

Hero League (Working Title) – Taking place in a Norse-style setting, this fantasy examines the possibilities of a magical WWE/UFC. Still in conceptualization. More information to come.

Reclamation – The world has transformed in the many years since the Bureau of Land and Urban Reclamation began a sweeping campaign to save the planet. Unfortunately for young Rhesa, a brilliant engineer and daughter of the streets, the ghetto has stayed the same. Rhesa and her friends now must face down the Bureau’s terrifying deconstruction teams—giant, city-eating machines that have walled off Rhesa’s neighborhood and threaten to exterminate the residents’ very way of life. Can they hold back the Bureau’s relentless assault, or will Rhesa and her allies be subject to the same fate as so many ignored communities before?

* Writing Schedule – DOK 1 First Draft, Hellions Outline, DOK 1 Edits/Completion, Hellions First Draft, The Tournament Outline, Hellions Edits/Completion, DOK 2 First Draft, Voltpunk Outline, DOK 2 Edits/Completion, The Tournament First Draft, Hero League Outline, The Tournament Edits/Completion, DOK 3 First Draft, Reclamation Edits/Completion, Hero League First Draft, DOK 3 Edits/Completion, Hero League Edits/Completion.

** Schedule may change depending upon school and NaNoWriMo 2018. **

That about wraps it up! A big shout-out to all the new followers I’ve picked up in 2018. Thank you all for giving me a chance and believing in what I can do. I’m so happy to be bringing my work to you. Another big thank you for all the happiness, positivity, motivation, and laughs that you bring to my dashboard every single day. It’s always a pleasure to scroll through and see what you amazing people are making and sharing.

Have a great weekend. Remember: always have a plan.

I love you all!

— R.


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