No Name for a Sword, Ch 8

No Name for a Sword

Chapter Eight

Ronin Writing

19 February 2018

“No Name for a Sword” is an Asian-inspired epic fantasy told through haiku and posted in weekly installments. Follow the journey of the swordsman Noh as he wanders a country filled with beauty, tradition, and war on a quest to find out his true name… and his purpose.

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The clashing of swords

Rang through the ancient halls of

The Singing Temple.


Noh smacked away an

Attack by Suzu and scoffed.

“You’re still far too slow!”


Suzu roared and charged,

But his feet were more anxious

Than his blade. He tripped.


Noh capitalized.

In moments, Suzu found his

Nose pointed skyward.


His chest heaved. Sweat stained

His new robes. The clothes had been

A gift from the monks.


“You couldn’t protect

This temple from a stray dog!”

Yato yelled nearby.


The boy—an orphan

As Noh had come to learn—sat

Observing the spar.


“Suzu’s still learning,”

Noh said to the boy. “He has

Much potential yet.”


“Suzu’s still bruising,”

Suzu replied, struggling up.

“These lessons kill me.”


“We’re lucky to be

Allowed residence here. The

The least we can do—”


Suzu waved his hand.

“I’m not giving up. Goodness.

I just need a rest.”


Suzu met Yato

In the shade, resting

His blade against a tree there.


Noh was not used to

Such frequent breaks in practice.

Stopping felt foreign.


Still, he sheathed his sword

And joined his new friends. Yato

Poured him some water.


“When will you teach me?”

Yato asked, his eyes pleading.

“I want to learn too.”


“You’re too young for it,”

Suzu said. “Boys your age should

Be learning from books.”


“No boy is too young

To learn the blade,” Noh replied.

“But, some are too young…


To know when it should

And should not be used, I think.

You’ll be ready soon.”


Yato’s eyes narrowed.

“A blade should be used to kill.

There’s no more purpose.”


“Young boy, when you know

A blade of your own, your hands

Will be slow to kill.


Of that, I am sure.

A sword is more a leash than

It is a weapon.”


Confused, Yato huffed.

The boy crossed his arms and stilled

In angry quiet.


“Well, back to it then?”

Noh asked, handing Suzu the

Rest of his water.


“But we just sat down!”

Suzu protested. Noh made

To argue, but stopped.


A thunderous knock

Came from the direction of

The temple’s main door.


“The Shogun orders

This door be opened!” decreed

A low, booming voice.


“Shogun!?” Suzu asked.

“What in damnation is the

Shogun doing here?”

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