Follow-up Friday: 23 February 2018


Omfg he cut his hair!

Yes, my wonderful fans. Yes, I did. And you know what? I think I look pretty darn spiffy! Other than cutting my glorious locks (and after weeping tears of sadness into those strewn bundles of hazelnut beauty), I did a whole bunch of stuff this week! Read on to find out what you might have missed, and what’s been going on in my life!


No Name for a Sword, Chapter 8 finds Noh training Suzu in the Singing Temple. And… what’s this? Someone new has arrived! Read more of my Asian-inspired epic haiku by checking out the first chapter, or click here to get caught up on the latest installment.

Writer Wednesday was a lot of fun! (Although, weird to keep looking at myself with a new haircut. It felt like someone else was recording my video!) I dealt with self-doubt and how we, as creatives, can stop it from crippling our creative process. See that on YouTube by clicking here.

FFS Friday was about social activism, protesting, and demonstrations. Specifically, how those things are effective, but ultimately don’t do anything to change thingsClick here to read the article and discover what I mean.

The Journey:

The walls of the Good King Reginald have been insulated! And man oh, man was it a gigantic pain in the ass. We used a rigid insulation against the walls (just as we did for the sub-floor), and had to hodge-podge the pieces because we didn’t make templates beforehand. Either way, it looks pretty good, and we’ll be putting up the outer walls this weekend. The next time you see a picture of Reggie, he might just look like a real home!

This is our last month in Florida. It’s just about time to head on out. Wintering here has been fun and all, but we have a lot to do on the East Coast in the coming weeks! Expect some super-cool pictures and other things in the coming weeks. (Especially be on the lookout for prizes and giveaways. Hint hint.)


This is the final week of the term before the last week, which is essentially a bunch of surveys on how I liked my courses. These classes have been okay, but I’m ready to move on to the next ones. I’ve already turned in my final papers and expect to get good grades on them, so I doubt these grades will change much. The next two courses are ones I’m super pumped for: Applied History and Intro to Creative Writing! (My book voucher covered the books, which is a huge plus!)

English Comp II – 98%

Shakespeare – 99%

Also, I suppose I could note here that I applied to some scholarships. I’m already receiving the Post-9/11 GI Bill for military service and the Pell Grant from FAFSA, but I figured I might as well apply to some scholarships as well. Most of the time, scholarship funds don’t even hand out their money because so few people (if any) apply. So, if you ever run across a scholarship that you qualify for, you should totally apply. (Check out for more information from scholarship/grant professionals.)


Devils of Kharashan is officially in its first draft and it’s coming along. Not quickly. Not painlessly. But, hey, this is a first draft. It’s supposed to be messy, right? I have really high hopes for this series, and I think you will all enjoy it dearly.

There are no other active projects at this time (besides No Name for a Sword), but I’ll keep you guys updated as I move into draft phase or brainstorming phase for anything else!

That’s all for this week! As always, you guys have been amazing fans and I really couldn’t ask for cooler people supporting me. If you’d like to help me achieve a goal, please share my posts as often as you can! We’re soooo close to 2k followers, and I want to do something special for that event! So, if you can, please help me get there!

I love you all. Have a great weekend and remember: always have a plan!

— R.


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