Today’s Office, 30 October 2017

Today’s Office. 30 October 2017. Hey all! I’m back in the game. Been a few days since I’ve posted anything of value, I know. For those of you who aren’t aware, we were involved in a highway collision last Wednesday. Since our van was also our traveling home, everything came--literally--to a grinding halt. But, as … Continue reading Today’s Office, 30 October 2017


Writer Wednesday: Laziness and Distraction

Uuuuugh. That’s the sound I make right after I say, “Okay! Time to get to work for the day!” To my benefit, my amazing girlfriend is usually ready with a tiny pep-talk. She reminds me that I have things to do, and that those things won’t get done if… well, I don’t do them. No one else … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Laziness and Distraction

Writer Wednesday: Observations

Despite what lots of people might say, there’s a distinct difference between objective and subjective truths. As writers, it’s important that we remember this. Why? Well, for one, your writing is mostly going to center around the observations of a character. What they see and sense, what they think, and what they feel. Almost all … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Observations