Follow-up Friday: 23 February 2018

Omfg he cut his hair! Yes, my wonderful fans. Yes, I did. And you know what? I think I look pretty darn spiffy! Other than cutting my glorious locks (and after weeping tears of sadness into those strewn bundles of hazelnut beauty), I did a whole bunch of stuff this week! Read on to find … Continue reading Follow-up Friday: 23 February 2018


FFS Friday: Your Protest is Empty

Prophetic voices amplified by megaphones bounced off of high-rise buildings. Following their lead, chants erupted from a mass of disillusioned teachers, bankers, veterans, and students. Hell no, we won’t go! Banks got bailed out, we got sold out! All day! All week! Occupy Wall Street! From 17 September 2011 to 15 November 2011, between 100 and … Continue reading FFS Friday: Your Protest is Empty

FFS Friday: Weathering the Storm

Uggghhhh. This has been my motto some days—a lament at the nature of simply existing. Now and then, the very prospect of being a human (much less an adult) is enough to cause crippling existential dread. Staying resilient is hard sometimes. Life can come from all angles, throwing combinations faster than you can react. During the … Continue reading FFS Friday: Weathering the Storm

Follow-up Friday: 2 February 2018

A low-key week out here, y’all. Read on to see what’s been going down in my world! ICYMI: Tuesday marked Chapter Five of No Name for a Sword. This series has been receiving some very positive attention, and I’m super glad you’re all enjoying it. If you don’t know what it is: NNFAS is an Asian-inspired epic fantasy … Continue reading Follow-up Friday: 2 February 2018

FFS Friday: Quit Being An Asshole

[TRIGGER WARNING: THIS ARTICLE WILL PROBABLY PISS YOU OFF. THAT’S WHY YOU SHOULD READ IT.] I am often identified as a member of perhaps the most hated group on this planet: straight, white males. For all it’s said that my “kind” have the greatest privileges in the world (I certainly won’t deny that), I have … Continue reading FFS Friday: Quit Being An Asshole

Follow-up Friday: 26 January 2018

What’s up, my people? Another successful week in the books! Read on to see what you may have missed and what’s been going on behind-the-scenes! ICYMI: Monday saw the release of No Name for a Sword’s Chapter Four! I’ve gotten some great feedback for this story, and I hope you all continue to enjoy it. For … Continue reading Follow-up Friday: 26 January 2018