Today’s Office, 13 October 2017

Today’s Office. 13 October 2017.  Getting started for the day! It’s Friday the 13th, so y’all be careful around fog-heavy lakes near midnight.  Have an awesome day! The feature video and the Follow-up are coming in a few hours, so keep on the lookout for those (and axe murderers). Love you all! — R


Today’s Office, 25 September 2017

Today’s office. 25 September 2017.  Breakfast of champions right here! I’m posting up Today’s Office a little earlier than usual. Today, after some quick work in the morning, I’m going to go do something fun! I just... don’t know what that is. (I plan work way better than fun.) If you haven’t gotten the chance, … Continue reading Today’s Office, 25 September 2017

Follow-up Friday: 22 September 2017

What a great week! I spent quite a bit of time exploring Seattle, and I’m pretty sure I’ve now done everything there is to do in the Emerald City. I drank local craft beers, took a boat tour through Elliot Bay, ascended the Space Needle, visited Pike’s Place, marveled at the Pacific Science Center. So … Continue reading Follow-up Friday: 22 September 2017

Today’s Office, 22 September 2017

Today’s office. 22 September 2017.  I’ve been hard at work on “Hellions”, and I’m excited to release the first installment on Monday. You can clearly see my biggest fans awaiting its release with bated breath. (That’s Clyde Frog, Ziggy Stardust, and Moon the Cat.) So, you want to know what “Hellions” is? Good thing you … Continue reading Today’s Office, 22 September 2017