Writer Wednesday: When I Quit. 

For about a year, I gave up on writing. It was right after reading Brandon Sanderson’s absolutely incredible “The Way of Kings” (Book One of the Stormlight Archive). I finished the book excited to write my own masterpiece. I flipped open my laptop, opened up my favorite word processor, and spent hours writing sentences and … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: When I Quit. 


PlaNoWriMo Series (3/4)–Where Is This Going?

Not caught up? No problem! Part 1, Part 2 Welcome back, fellow writers! We’re starting off the third week in October (NaNoWriMo Prep Month) with the third part of my PlaNoWriMo series! In recent weeks, we’ve talked about building that excellent NaNo novel, and we’re going to close out the building phase this week. After all, … Continue reading PlaNoWriMo Series (3/4)–Where Is This Going?