A New Kind of Heroism

“Haters gonna hate. Villains gonna villain. Breakers gonna break. Killin’s gonna kill ‘em.” (Ronin Writing) ---------- What if I told you that the best way to fight evil is to let it happen? Would you say I’m stupid? Crazy? Would you argue that evil will consume the world unless good people do monstrous things to stop monsters? … Continue reading A New Kind of Heroism


FFS Friday: Your Protest is Empty

Prophetic voices amplified by megaphones bounced off of high-rise buildings. Following their lead, chants erupted from a mass of disillusioned teachers, bankers, veterans, and students. Hell no, we won’t go! Banks got bailed out, we got sold out! All day! All week! Occupy Wall Street! From 17 September 2011 to 15 November 2011, between 100 and … Continue reading FFS Friday: Your Protest is Empty

FFS Friday: Weathering the Storm

Uggghhhh. This has been my motto some days—a lament at the nature of simply existing. Now and then, the very prospect of being a human (much less an adult) is enough to cause crippling existential dread. Staying resilient is hard sometimes. Life can come from all angles, throwing combinations faster than you can react. During the … Continue reading FFS Friday: Weathering the Storm

FFS Friday: Tolerating Intolerance

I love it when media inspires me to check myself. After all, that’s what public art is all about – the sharing of ideas and thoughtforms in ways that make us question personal truths. It’s especially exciting when these self-revelations are triggered by something totally unexpected. In this case, it was the television show Shameless. (Possible … Continue reading FFS Friday: Tolerating Intolerance

FFS Friday: Self-Education

I’ve recently gotten back into college following two very unsuccessful tries almost ten years ago. Given, it’s not the college experience that most are familiar with. I opted for a fully online education rather than the brick-and-mortar institutions I’ve tried in the past. Honestly, sitting in a classroom is terribly annoying for me. Not only must I … Continue reading FFS Friday: Self-Education

FFS Friday: Mob Justice and Shame Culture

On 4 October 2012, four Nigerian university students visited the village of Aluu. One of those students was owed money by one of the village residents, so he asked three of his classmates to accompany him and help collect the debt. Shortly after their arrival in Aluu, a rumor spread through the village that the … Continue reading FFS Friday: Mob Justice and Shame Culture