Today’s Office, 13 October 2017

Today’s Office. 13 October 2017.  Getting started for the day! It’s Friday the 13th, so y’all be careful around fog-heavy lakes near midnight.  Have an awesome day! The feature video and the Follow-up are coming in a few hours, so keep on the lookout for those (and axe murderers). Love you all! — R


Follow-up Friday: 22 September 2017

What a great week! I spent quite a bit of time exploring Seattle, and I’m pretty sure I’ve now done everything there is to do in the Emerald City. I drank local craft beers, took a boat tour through Elliot Bay, ascended the Space Needle, visited Pike’s Place, marveled at the Pacific Science Center. So … Continue reading Follow-up Friday: 22 September 2017

Feature Friday: Line Segments

It’s Feature Friday! Please check out my newest poetry project, “Line Segments”, by clicking the video below and/or checking out the Youtube link here! Thank you all for the incredible support. Really. I love bringing this stuff to you guys and gals. Also, I’d just like to say that this particular project is the one … Continue reading Feature Friday: Line Segments