Today’s Office, 20 December 2017

Today’s Office. 20 December 2017. “Devils of Kharashan” is now deep into plotting territory. I’ve taken a suggestion from some greats and identified the stories that have inspired it. Now, I’m poring through those stories and taking notes on structure. This has been immensely helpful in crafting a truly great story. (No peeking!) I love … Continue reading Today’s Office, 20 December 2017


Today’s Office, 18 December 2017

Today’s Office. 18 December 2017. A somber day, all. I’ve not taken my own advice. After struggling with and losing sleep on these Reclamation edits, I’ve decided to give myself some much-needed slack. Some writer idols have suggested a larger gap between finishing the first draft and the starting the second pass. Mir says I … Continue reading Today’s Office, 18 December 2017

Today’s Office, 14 December 2017

Today’s Office. 14 December 2017. I’m in a junkyard! Unfortunately, I’m not writing here—though I wish I could! I’m getting some sweet enviro-vibes for Reclamation. We’re here to snag some parts for the van and get it looking a little better! Following that, it’s a busy day. Revisions and re-writes for Reclamation, possibly some schoolwork. … Continue reading Today’s Office, 14 December 2017

Today’s Office, 6 December 2017

Today’s Office. 6 December 2017. Hey all! I’m sorry for being a bit sporadic on the posts. We’ve been traveling essentially non-stop from New Mexico to Florida—we’ve been through Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. We’re now making a short stop in St. Augustine, Florida to check out some history! (I’m a sucker for that stuff!) … Continue reading Today’s Office, 6 December 2017

Today’s Office, 27 November 2017

Today’s Office, 27 November 2017. You’ll notice my trusty Growlithe, Cicero, supporting me while I write tonight! My Eevee, Theodopolis, is crashed out behind him. Oh, Theo... you’re so lazy... Tonight, I’m going super hard on Reclamation. I’m not sure if I’ll finish it tonight, but I’ve only got 9k left to win NaNo (and … Continue reading Today’s Office, 27 November 2017