Follow-up Friday: 22 December 2017

(Posted Saturday, 23 December 2017.) Hey friends and fam! Sorry for the silence over the last few days. There was lots to do, and I just couldn’t find the time to produce any posts of quality for y’all. Now that I’m stationary (for the moment), let me give you the follow-up you deserve! ICYMI: Few … Continue reading Follow-up Friday: 22 December 2017


Today’s Office, 1 November 2017

Today’s Office. 1 November 2017.  NaNo Day One! Aww yeah! You guys, I’M SO EXCITED. I’m starting “Reclamation” tonight.  For anyone wondering: the insurance adjustor came today. Rhino’s not doing so hot, but we’ve still got him! He’s in the shop now getting his feet looked at, but he should be up and running tomorrow. … Continue reading Today’s Office, 1 November 2017

Follow-up Friday: 20 October 2017

This week has been really great! First and foremost, you guys have all helped me reach 300 followers on Tumblr, which is still baffling me! Check out the “thank you” post here if you haven’t read it already! Mir, Rhino, and I are winding down our time in Montana. Missoula has been a comfortable home these past … Continue reading Follow-up Friday: 20 October 2017