Today’s Office, 1 December 2017

Today’s Office, 1 December 2017. Sorry about not uploading an office yesterday, y’all--we were on the road from New Mexico to Texas! We arrived just last night, and have had a wonderful day so far! We’ve gotten some full coverage insurance on Rhino to mitigate any blowback from future disasters (a lesson learned from the … Continue reading Today’s Office, 1 December 2017


Today’s Office, 2 November 2017

Today’s Office. 2 November 2017. If everything goes well, this should be the last shot from my “office” in Bozeman, Montana. The hostel has been incredibly good to us, and we really would have been in a terrible spot had it not been for this place. So, shoutout to the Treasure State Hostel in Bozeman, Montana. The … Continue reading Today’s Office, 2 November 2017