Writer Wednesday: When I Quit. 

For about a year, I gave up on writing. It was right after reading Brandon Sanderson’s absolutely incredible “The Way of Kings” (Book One of the Stormlight Archive). I finished the book excited to write my own masterpiece. I flipped open my laptop, opened up my favorite word processor, and spent hours writing sentences and … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: When I Quit. 


Writer Wednesday: Fighting Self-Doubt

Ooooh! Y’all know I love Wednesdays. Check out the new Writer Wednesday on YouTube. Be sure to comment and subscribe as well so you can get notifications as soon as possible. We all have doubts, and sometimes those doubts can cripple the creative process. Don't worry. There's an ancient tool you can use to stop that from … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Fighting Self-Doubt

Writer Wednesday: Embracing Your Passions

https://youtu.be/TOV8fJSVvIQ Your greatest weapon as a writer is your passion. If you're feeling stuck, or you aren't sure where to go: try taking a look inside yourself. Identify what it is you truly love and apply those things to your work! When your passion shines through your work, people notice. Follow me on: Facebook - … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Embracing Your Passions

Today’s Office, 7 February 2018

Today’s Office. 7 February 2018. What a day, y’all! I finally purchased a webcam (the one I have is garbage and doing videos on my phone was getting really annoying)! With the capability to record and edit on my laptop, the game has officially changed! If you’re wondering why Writer Wednesday has yet to be posted: have … Continue reading Today’s Office, 7 February 2018

Today’s Office, 5 February 2018

Today’s Office. 5 February 2018. Sup, y’all? Today has been a productive day. Gym from 4:30am-6:15am, donated plasma, grabbed from paperwork from the VA Clinic, and then wrote/released No Name for a Sword, Ch 6. All before 1pm. Guys, I think... I think I’m a workaholic. Lots more to do today! I’ve got synchronization of the … Continue reading Today’s Office, 5 February 2018

No Name for a Sword, Ch 6

No Name for a Sword Chapter Six Ronin Writing 5 February 2017 “No Name for a Sword” is an Asian-inspired epic fantasy told through haiku and posted in weekly installments. Follow the journey of the swordsman Noh as he wanders a country filled with beauty, tradition, and war on a quest to find out his true … Continue reading No Name for a Sword, Ch 6

Follow-up Friday: 2 February 2018

A low-key week out here, y’all. Read on to see what’s been going down in my world! ICYMI: Tuesday marked Chapter Five of No Name for a Sword. This series has been receiving some very positive attention, and I’m super glad you’re all enjoying it. If you don’t know what it is: NNFAS is an Asian-inspired epic fantasy … Continue reading Follow-up Friday: 2 February 2018