A New Kind of Heroism

“Haters gonna hate. Villains gonna villain. Breakers gonna break. Killin’s gonna kill ‘em.” (Ronin Writing) ---------- What if I told you that the best way to fight evil is to let it happen? Would you say I’m stupid? Crazy? Would you argue that evil will consume the world unless good people do monstrous things to stop monsters? … Continue reading A New Kind of Heroism


No Name for a Sword, Ch 7

No Name for a Sword Chapter Seven Ronin Writing 12 February 2018 “No Name for a Sword” is an Asian-inspired epic fantasy told through haiku and posted in weekly installments. Follow the journey of the swordsman Noh as he wanders a country filled with beauty, tradition, and war on a quest to find out his true … Continue reading No Name for a Sword, Ch 7

FFS Friday: Weathering the Storm

Uggghhhh. This has been my motto some days—a lament at the nature of simply existing. Now and then, the very prospect of being a human (much less an adult) is enough to cause crippling existential dread. Staying resilient is hard sometimes. Life can come from all angles, throwing combinations faster than you can react. During the … Continue reading FFS Friday: Weathering the Storm

Writer Wednesday: Embracing Your Passions

https://youtu.be/TOV8fJSVvIQ Your greatest weapon as a writer is your passion. If you're feeling stuck, or you aren't sure where to go: try taking a look inside yourself. Identify what it is you truly love and apply those things to your work! When your passion shines through your work, people notice. Follow me on: Facebook - … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Embracing Your Passions