Today’s Office, 30 January 2018

Today’s Office. 30 January 2018. Watching a movie! It’s for research, I swear! Got to the gym today (about 4:30am), accomplished lots of errand stuff, and now taking some notes on a plot issue I’m facing in the third Devils of Kharashan book. I love y’all. Have an awesome day! — R.


Writer Wednesday: Criticism and Rejection

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sensitive about my work. I’ve been known to plot revenge on people that have criticized my writing, meticulously mapping out an Assassin’s Creed style infiltration-and-annihilation combo for those sorry souls that didn’t weep with joy at reading my beautiful prose. Okay, not really, but criticism and rejection can hurt … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Criticism and Rejection

Writer Wednesday: Expectations

I spent this past weekend at the wonderful Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington. (It’s a really amazing place, and you should check it out if you get the chance.) After hanging out with dinosaurs and butterflies and re-learning how awesome physics is, I popped into the Planetarium for a show about… well, planets. I … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Expectations

Today’s Office, 20 December 2017

Today’s Office. 20 December 2017. “Devils of Kharashan” is now deep into plotting territory. I’ve taken a suggestion from some greats and identified the stories that have inspired it. Now, I’m poring through those stories and taking notes on structure. This has been immensely helpful in crafting a truly great story. (No peeking!) I love … Continue reading Today’s Office, 20 December 2017