Writer Wednesday: Expectations

I spent this past weekend at the wonderful Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington. (It’s a really amazing place, and you should check it out if you get the chance.) After hanging out with dinosaurs and butterflies and re-learning how awesome physics is, I popped into the Planetarium for a show about… well, planets. I … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Expectations


Writer Wednesday: Ocean of Possibilities

When I was little, I had these two pet fishes. They were goldfish—about what you’d expect. Not too big, not too small. Not particularly exciting as far as hobbies and personalities go. Yet, I remember sitting in front of their bowl and watching them swim around for hours. I imagined what it was like to … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Ocean of Possibilities

Today’s Office, 13 December 2017

Today’s Office. 13 December 2017. Writing in the same place every day, in the comfort of a home, is kind of weird. I’m legitimately thinking about going to different places while we’re here, just to break up the monotony! My brain’s weird. Anyway! We’re off to a good start today! Just finished up the Writer … Continue reading Today’s Office, 13 December 2017

Writer Wednesday: Take a Damn Break

I just finished the first draft of my new science fiction novel Reclamation, and it feels so good to have finished. It also feels great to take a rest from the project. I know that some writers look at rest periods with a sideward glance—most think that rest can lead to stagnation, and stagnation can kill a project. … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Take a Damn Break

Writer Wednesday: Just Make Decisions

In the spirit of the incredible and unfortunate circumstances in which I currently find myself, today I’d like to talk about decisions. Specifically, how making decisions (and rolling with them) can be a major help to authors trying to get through their first book. Hell, this might even apply to those trying to get through … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Just Make Decisions

Writer Wednesday: NaNo, Day 1!

This Writer Wednesday is a super-special one! Today is the start of NaNoWriMo! Ahhh! If you got too caught up in binging Stranger Things 2 or watching the World Series, don’t worry. I have a four part NaNo prep series that can help you out. Here are the links to: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4. If you’ve … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: NaNo, Day 1!

Writer Wednesday: Laziness and Distraction

Uuuuugh. That’s the sound I make right after I say, “Okay! Time to get to work for the day!” To my benefit, my amazing girlfriend is usually ready with a tiny pep-talk. She reminds me that I have things to do, and that those things won’t get done if… well, I don’t do them. No one else … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Laziness and Distraction