Writer Wednesday: When I Quit. 

For about a year, I gave up on writing. It was right after reading Brandon Sanderson’s absolutely incredible “The Way of Kings” (Book One of the Stormlight Archive). I finished the book excited to write my own masterpiece. I flipped open my laptop, opened up my favorite word processor, and spent hours writing sentences and … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: When I Quit. 


Writer Wednesday: Expectations

I spent this past weekend at the wonderful Pacific Science Center in Seattle, Washington. (It’s a really amazing place, and you should check it out if you get the chance.) After hanging out with dinosaurs and butterflies and re-learning how awesome physics is, I popped into the Planetarium for a show about… well, planets. I … Continue reading Writer Wednesday: Expectations

Today’s Office, 20 December 2017

Today’s Office. 20 December 2017. “Devils of Kharashan” is now deep into plotting territory. I’ve taken a suggestion from some greats and identified the stories that have inspired it. Now, I’m poring through those stories and taking notes on structure. This has been immensely helpful in crafting a truly great story. (No peeking!) I love … Continue reading Today’s Office, 20 December 2017

Today’s Office, 18 December 2017

Today’s Office. 18 December 2017. A somber day, all. I’ve not taken my own advice. After struggling with and losing sleep on these Reclamation edits, I’ve decided to give myself some much-needed slack. Some writer idols have suggested a larger gap between finishing the first draft and the starting the second pass. Mir says I … Continue reading Today’s Office, 18 December 2017

Today’s Office, 14 December 2017

Today’s Office. 14 December 2017. I’m in a junkyard! Unfortunately, I’m not writing here—though I wish I could! I’m getting some sweet enviro-vibes for Reclamation. We’re here to snag some parts for the van and get it looking a little better! Following that, it’s a busy day. Revisions and re-writes for Reclamation, possibly some schoolwork. … Continue reading Today’s Office, 14 December 2017